8 Homemade Superhero Costumes

Do you know which homemade superhero costumes your kids prefer? You're sure to find the right one on this list!
8 Homemade Superhero Costumes

Last update: 09 June, 2022

There are two things kids love: Crafts and hero stories. So, what better plan for free time than to invite them to play with homemade superhero costumes?

Let’s organize a DIY afternoon as a family and with the collaboration of our little ones, let’s get to work to bring these colorful and garishly dressed characters to life. Let’s get started!

Homemade superhero costumes

Choose your favorite character and become him or her for a while with a few simple steps. Take note!

1. Batman: How to make the costume of the man-bat?

You can make this costume for boys or girls with items you have at home.

  1. First, find an outfit in one color, such as a gray or yellow sweatshirt and tights.
  2. Then, with black cardboard, make a wide belt, a bat figure to place on the chest, and a mask for the face.
  3. Finally, with a light fabric, make a cape and cut out the lower edge with the wave and spike shape of the wings. Velcro the top so you don’t have to tie it around your child’s neck.

2. Captain America and his star shield

This superhero has a popularity that lasts over time thanks to the continuous reversions of Marvel® movies.

His costume is colorful and you can create it very easily:

  1. Find a dark blue garment base and add the typical star on the chest.
  2. Then, place a letter A on a helmet or cap.
  3. It’s essential that you make the shield with the colors of the U.S. flag and the star in the center.
A father and daughter dressed as superheroes.
Playing superheroes with mom or dad can be a lot of fun for your kids. Take the opportunity to make outfits of all sizes and have fun with them!

More homemade superhero costumes

3. Superman: The superhero from another planet

  1. To make the costume of this Justice League icon, search the internet for a template with the characteristic “S” and have the children paint it red and yellow.
  2. Then, use a blue outfit for the base and glue the superhero emblem on the chest.
  3. To finish, add a yellow belt, boots, and a long red cape and you have a complete outfit.

4. Thor: A recycling costume

Vikings are in style and so is this superhero.

  1. Use a black bodysuit and black pants for the base.
  2. Then add the accessories: Red wristbands made of cardboard and painted red, gold paper circles on the chest, a red cloth cape, and a helmet with wings made from a cereal box. Don’t forget the famous hammer!

5. Hulk: The green superhero

When the Hulk arrives, everything gets really fun!

  1. Buy kid-friendly face paint, such as theater makeup.
  2. Paint the children’s bodies and faces green.
  3. Complete the costume with clothing that can be stained, such as an old shirt and torn and frayed jeans.

6. The Flash: The fastest superhero

  1. To make this costume, find a bright red outfit and add a mask of the same color.
  2. Next, cut a lightning bolt out of yellow construction paper to glue on the chest. Also, make the wristbands, belt, and ears in the same shape.
  3. Complete the look with yellow boots or make a pattern out of construction paper to put over the shoes.

7. Spiderman for boys and girls

  1. Find a long-sleeved thermal T-shirt and blue tights.
  2. With cardboard or red fabric, make a breastplate, and with a black marker, draw the spider webs on it.
  3. Also, make the red wristbands and the part of the boots.
  4. For the mask, you can use a balaclava.

8. Wonder Woman: The heroine of all times

Shocking colors and glitter are the main features of this costume that kids love.

  1. Use a red T-shirt and add the famous “WW” of Wonder Woman in gold color.
  2. Make the skirt with a shiny blue fabric and add some golden stars with glue or by sewing. You can also opt for a model made with tulle that little girls love.
  3. Complete the costume with a golden headband, wristbands, and belt.
  4. If you have long white or gold boots, it’ll look great!
Children dressed as superheroes.
Superheroes and superheroines are different, but their powers complement each other so that good triumphs over evil. What a great message to instill tolerance for diversity!

Superheroes and superheroines: Where do these stories come from?

“Early, Clark decided he must turn his titanic strength into channels that would benefit mankind. And so was created SUPERMAN! Champion of the oppressed, the physical marvel who had sworn to devote his existence to those in need.”

– Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman’s First Adventure.

Incredible as it may seem, superhero stories are fictional creations whose origins date back hundreds of years. These modern versions keep alive characters that symbolize strength, values, and the defense of noble and just causes.

Such icons of the big and small screen are related to heroes and ancient gods, such as Ulysses, Thor, or Mars. For example, the creators of Captain Marvel, who invented his shout “SHAZAM!”, did so with the initials of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Did you know this?

Creating homemade superhero costumes at home can be a way to invite children to do several things at the same time: Have fun, create with their hands, and learn a bit of history through legends and popular myths. Take advantage of this multipurpose activity!

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