17 Uses of Baby Oil that Most People Don't Know About

If your children have grown up or you don't know what to do with baby oil, we invite you to make the most of it with these suggestions.
17 Uses of Baby Oil that Most People Don't Know About
Saúl Sánchez Arias

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Last update: 17 March, 2023

Baby oil is a key ally in the daily care of little ones. In theory, its main function is to moisturize and soften the skin. Today we’ll move away from theory and focus on practice, so we’ve compiled some uses of baby oil that you probably didn’t know about.

The truth is that baby oil is always present in our homes when we have small children. However, this product has many more uses than you think. In other words, it’s convenient to have it at home even if there are no children. Let’s see how you can take advantage of it in different tasks in your daily life.

The benefits of oils for little ones

Oils are mainly used during the first days of a baby’s life. They’re applied on the diaper area. The oil acts by mixing with the dirtiness and thus facilitates cleaning. It also forms a protective layer on the child’s skin.

MªJosé Muñoz (2003)-

As far as child care is concerned, this product improves skin hydration in the first weeks of life without damaging the formation of the skin barrier, according to experts. In addition, they also provide relief in cases of:

  • Seborrheic eczema: These lesions are usually found on the neck and armpits (seborrheic areas). In this case, we recommend the use of vegetable oils.
  • Atopic dermatitis: This chronic inflammation of the skin is often linked to cases of asthma, allergic rhinitis, or fever. Its treatment aims to prevent skin dryness by providing good hydration. For this purpose, oatmeal soaps and vegetable baby oils are perfect for use as protective lotions.

Although it varies according to the manufacturer and the specific type, the main compounds in baby oil are mineral oil and fragrances. As you’ll see shortly, many of the uses of baby oil revolve around this first ingredient.

17 uses of baby oil that you didn’t know

Knowing that it’s a very useful product for the stage of new parents, some of them don’t know what to do with this oil as their children grow up. Therefore, we’ll leave you here a list of 17 additional uses of baby oil that will fascinate you.

1. Moisturized skin

Just as we take care of our baby’s skin, we should also moisturize and repair our own. In this regard, it’s best to add a splash of baby oil to your next bath to end up with soft and conditioned skin.

On the other hand, it’s also a wonderful option if you’re looking for a good ally for massages. The main compound in baby oil is mineral oil. This is known to be effective in improving skin softness and barrier function. In addition, experts also recommend it to combat dehydration and itching.

2. Nails without imperfections

A passionate manicurist will be fascinated by this use. If you put a little baby oil around your nails before you start painting them, the polish won’t stick to the skin and you’ll be able to remove it easily. As specialists point out, this is because mineral oils don’t penetrate human skin, so they act as a barrier between the skin and the polish.

3. Shiny lips

Most of us dream of a lip mask that helps us to remove the dry layers of skin on the lips. In this regard, if we’re also looking for a homemade option, we should incorporate into our routine one of the best uses of baby oil.

Mineral oil is regularly used in certain cosmetic products for the lips. To make a natural exfoliating cream and leave your lips soft is necessary, do the following:

  • Mix a teaspoon of baby oil.
  • Then, add a few drops of lemon and a little sugar.

4. Eye makeup remover

With caution when putting this into practice, we recommend putting a little baby oil on a cotton ball and rubbing the area gently to remove any makeup residue you may have left behind.

Once you’ve applied it, you should try to use another cotton ball to remove any excess oil that may have been left. This way, you’ll be able to soften and clean the skin of the eyelids.

A woman pouring oil into her hand.

5. An ally after shaving

Baby oil is also useful to get a touch of freshness after shaving (both men and women). In addition, it’s not only good for the face but also benefits other parts of the body.

To use it, just apply a small layer after applying your usual moisturizer. Some people use baby oil as a substitute for shaving cream, although we recommend limiting its use to after shaving.

6. A natural ally against stretch marks

Although their effects are modest, we know that some cosmetics with mineral oil can be useful in order to attenuate stretch marks. In principle, they’re most effective when they’re applied when the stretch marks have just appeared, are small, and their application is insistent. In addition to addressing them, their use can help prevent them.

In this regard, it’s also good to apply some baby oil to soften the skin and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It’s believed that they operate by improving the elasticity of the skin, which in turn helps to attenuate the aggressive appearance of some stretch marks. On its own, it can’t eliminate them completely, but it’s a great ally in your favor.

7. Say goodbye to wax, one of the most useful uses of baby oil

Wax plugs in the ears are caused by an accumulation of earwax that ends up clogging the area. As a natural remedy to alleviate this problem, we recommend applying a few drops of baby oil with a dropper. This will soften the wax.

As experts point out, many of the drops prescribed for this problem contain mineral oil as the main ingredient. You can dispense with their purchase if you have some baby oil at home, as it’s known to be helpful in removing earwax. Pay attention to the following steps:

  • Tilt the head with the affected ear upwards. Then, put 5 drops of lukewarm oil inside long enough for the wax to dissolve.
  • Let the oil drain into a clean towel.
  • If there are still small pieces, a little warm water with a small bulb or a syringe without water is also a good alternative.

8. Furniture repairer

Yes, damaged furniture can be restored to its best appearance with a little baby oil. Rub a cloth dipped in oil on your furniture and you’ll see how much of its old charm is restored. It’s useful for removing dirt particles stuck to the surface. Don’t apply it directly, as it may leave stains.

9. Paint cleaner

Water-based paints remove well with their natural solvents. However, when it dries on our hands, it can stick for some time. Rubbing your hands with baby oil helps to remove the residue, especially on your nails. Plus, it will leave your hands soft and with a delicate scent.

10. Ring remover, one of the most surprising uses of baby oil

Both children and adults can get a ring stuck on their fingers. Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking to try to remove them without success, but baby oil can help you get them out effortlessly. Apply a little to all its edges, then slowly slide the ring off in a twisting motion.

11. Improve the appearance of your feet

Feet tend to dry out more than other areas of the body, especially the heels. For those unsightly cracks, many moisturizers have been designed, but nothing like baby oil. Use it on your feet before going to sleep and you’ll see how they improve after its application. You can also use a little oil to massage this part of the body and achieve relaxation.

12. Beauty ally

Women have many beauty routines and this product can be helpful in this regard. For example, to clean makeup brushes.

It’s important to clean these objects, but it’s not something we commonly do. It’s important to wash them with soap and water, then rub them with oil. This will rehydrate them and make them last much longer.

13. Home or office helper, one of the uses for baby oil that will fascinate you

Most appliances and metal objects can wear out with use. Lubrication is often necessary to improve their performance. There’s no better product for this purpose than baby oil.

It helps paper shredders work better and it also works with the mechanisms of the sewing machine. It can also be rubbed on door hinges to eliminate annoying noises.

Baby oil can also help untangle metal necklaces, chains, or bracelets. You can use it as a substitute when you don’t have a specific oil for these tasks.

14. For stuck zippers


Dealing with stuck zippers can be a challenge. You may even stop wearing a garment because you can’t get the zipper to budge. In these cases, you can use a couple of drops of baby oil, which will help the zipper to release after a little force is applied.

15. A solvent for adhesive substances

When some types of adhesives stick to the skin or other surfaces, they can be difficult to remove. Band-aids that remain stuck to the skin for a long time may leave residue or be difficult to remove. We also find some stickers that are impossible to remove from certain surfaces. In all of these situations, the use of baby oil is recommended.

For this solvent to work, it must be left to act for a few minutes. As we know, it doesn’t work for some adhesives that are stronger. However, it’s useful for most adhesives found on paper or medical bandages.

16. Goodbye chewing gum with baby oil

How many times have you had to remove chewing gum from clothing or hair? Completely removing the residue can be a challenge, especially when it’s been stuck for hours or days. Baby oil can help solve this mess.

You can also use it on fabric items such as sheets, blankets, curtains, bedspreads, and more. You should avoid using large quantities, as depending on the type of surface, it may produce stains. Use it in conjunction with other home tricks to remove chewing gum stains.

17. To control dandruff

Thanks to all the properties we’ve already mentioned, baby oil can be used to control dandruff. Particularly, that which originates in the context of episodes of seborrheic dermatitis. This is relatively common during infancy, and studies suggest that mineral oil, the main compound in baby oil, can effectively alleviate some symptoms.

Be aware of the different uses of baby oil!

Baby oil is one of those products that has many uses. For this reason, it can be present in your daily life, whether you’re the mother of a little one or not.

Perhaps you know more cases where this substance is able to play a role. Many times, you just need to use your imagination to find new uses for our basic elements. Just make sure you choose a good quality baby oil.

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