Original Birthday Party Invitations for Children

When it's almost your child's birthday, it's time to start preparing for the party. Original birthday party invitations will be a great treat for friends and classmates.
Original Birthday Party Invitations for Children

Last update: 28 March, 2019

The well-known ritual of celebrating birthdays is usually accompanied with balloons, games, piñatas, sweets, and a birthday cake to blow out the candles. However, n o party is complete without original birthday party invitations.

Birthdays are events that every country celebrates differently according to cultural traditions. However, kids’ birthday parties are always special events and reasons to celebrate.

Original birthday party invitations for children

Designing original birthday party invitations is very fun and entertaining, even for the little ones. Of course, sometimes children and parents can’t find the imagination or creativity to think of a great idea.

As birthdays and time pass, trends change and themes go in and out of style. Next, we’ll show you some original birthday party invitations that you could make at home with your children.

Ladybug invitations

Animals are an interesting piece to include in invitations, and ladybugs are very popular. Additionally, making cards in the form of ladybugs doesn’t require too much time or skill.

You can make these invitations with supplies you probably already have at home. The main things you’ll need are: red, black and white card stock and brads.

How can you make cards in the shape of ladybugs? Basically, making the ladybug consists of cutting two circles, one red and one white. Then, cut the red one in half. There, you’ll be able to open and read the birthday party invitations.

Original Birthday Party Invitations for Children

Finally, you need to make a smaller circle for the head, then join everything with a brad. Then, you and your children can decide what you want to write on the inside.

Original birthday party invitations: Ice cream cones

If your children’s birthday falls in the warmer months of the yearthe best idea is to make an original and refreshing invitation for their birthday party. This type of invitation is extremely simple to make.

All you need are some colored sheets of paper or foam, cardboard and wooden sticks. The shape of it will be in an ice cream cone, and you can write all the necessary information on the other side.

Another striking and pretty design for the summer is to cut the cardboard in the form of an ice cream cone. When you open it, not only will you find all the details for the party, but also a pleasant little surprise: you can add a sweet piece of candy. It’s a great way to grab your guests’ attention.

“Designing original birthday party invitations is very fun and entertaining, even for the little ones.”

Candy invitation

Although you can’t eat them, these original birthday party invitations in the shape of candies is a great way to surprise your guests. Additionally, they’re very simple, cheap and fast to make.

To create this type of invitation, all you need is a card with colors on one side and white on the other, transparent plastic, and colored ribbons for the ends.

Then, write the details about the party on the white part of the card. To finish, add a piece of candy, and close it with plastic and ribbons.

Original Birthday Party Invitations for Children

Disney or cartoon character invitations

These original birthday party invitations are one of the themes that kids at home ask for the most. Remember that their favorite Disney characters or other cartoons are special to them, so you can use them to make their invitations.

All you have to do is cut circles out of cardboard and add some characteristic details of each character you choose.

For example, if it’s Tigger, add his tail. If it’s a princess, add a crown. Also, if it’s Minnie or Mickey, add the ears. In addition, you can do this with any character your child can think of.

All in all, making original birthday party invitations is easier than it seems. Additionally, it’s a nice activity to share with your kids. Taking your child’s interests into account will help you create unique decorations for these cards. And your guests will surely love them.

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