5 Reasons to Talk to Your Baby during Pregnancy

5 Reasons to Talk to Your Baby during Pregnancy
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Talking to our babies while we’re pregnant is incredibly beneficial. It’s one of the first actions that allows us to initiate that special and magical relationship between mother and child. Discover five reasons why you should talk to your baby during pregnancy below.

From the moment we receive the news that we’re pregnant, a mix of emotions and sensations flood our minds. It’s difficult to explain. The uncertainty, excitement, and fear are just a few of the feelings we tend to experience, and they accompany us throughout gestation.

Without a doubt, the baby that’s developing within your womb will become one of the most beloved beings in your world. Our children become the reason we fight for our dreams and strive to overcome life’s challenges. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to meet their needs and assure their well-being.

Of course you wish nothing but the best for the tiny life that’s forming inside your womb. So what better way to demonstrate your love than by stimulating your baby through loving dialogue?

Clearing up doubts

The thought of “talking to your baby during pregnancy” may bring up a lot of questions for first-time mothers. How important is this kind of prenatal stimulation? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it based on myth? Or does it really make a difference?

There are cases in which this kind of stimulation has probably been avoided altogether. This is based on the belief that it can have completely negative effects. These supposed negative effects include hyperactivity and restlessness in the child’s future.

But we want to assure you that it’s time to take another look at the issue, as this belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

Prenatal stimulation provides an infinite amount of benefits – especially talking to your baby during gestation! It not only strengthens the bond between you and your child; it also contributes to your little one’s audio recognition. Keep reading to discover even more benefits of talking to your unborn baby.

5 reasons why you should talk to your baby during pregnancy

reasons why it's good to talk to your baby while pregnant

It’s normal for our maternal instinct to invite us to converse with our baby during pregnancy at any given time. The great thing is that your baby’s ears and sense of hearing develop during the first months of pregnancy.

Any loving action that you carry out as part of prenatal stimulation is absolutely positive. Below, we’ll list 5 of the most important reasons to talk to your baby during pregnancy:

  1. Brain strengthening. Talking to the fetus develops and strengthens the nervous system and neural network of your child’s brain.
  2. Maternal bond. The baby becomes familiar with your tone of voice and can clearly identify it.
  3. Sense of hearing. Conversing frequently with your baby during gestation will contribute significantly to the development of his sense of hearing.
  4. Calming effect. When you notice that your baby is restless, just a few words from mommy will be enough to transmit peace and calm.
  5. Language development. The result of an important Stanford University study indicated that speaking to your unborn baby stimulates language development. The research shows that babies who were stimulated by their mother’s voice during gestation spoke their first words before babies who were not.

Your unborn fetus is capable of distinguishing and identifying voices, pleasant situations, happiness, anguish, anger and sadness

The ways to communicate with your little one during gestation are not limited to speaking. There are numerous ways to let your child know your thoughts and feelings:

  • You or another close family member can massage your belly
  • Other family members or special loved ones, such as godparents, can also speak to your baby
  • You can used controlled breathing during situations that make you stressed or anxious, allowing your baby to know that everything’s okay
  • Calm and relaxing music is another great way to communicate with your baby

A few more words on communicating with your unborn child

father looking at mom's pregnant belly

It’s important to remember that our bodies are perfectly designed. Everything that we transmit to our baby through our bodies can have positive or negative effects. 

With this in mind, we must be careful with all we do and say to maintain a healthy and harmonious environment for our tiny daily companion.

As parents, we are responsible for choosing the way in which we communicate to our children. We all go about it in different ways according to our own personalities.

But if you communicate your love and affection to your child, you will show him that the outside world will be just as warm as the place he is now.

Lastly, remember that in order to reach your desired objective, verbal prenatal stimulation should take place when you are calm and relaxed .

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.