6 Things That Will Make Your Baby Happy Before Birth

6 Things That Will Make Your Baby Happy Before Birth
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Providing special care for your baby during pregnancy like prenatal stimulation will help establish bonds of affection. Those bonds not only connect you with your child but also make your baby happy throughout the pregnancy process.

Once one of nature’s most extraordinary miracles – pregnancy – occurs, immediate and exclusive complicity arises. That’s why we’re always very aware of what things make our baby happy even before they’re born.

The emotion that comes with being pregnant is an indescribable feeling for most women. Thus we often hear or read: “You will only understand when you experience it.”

There are several actions that we can take to make our baby feel comfortable and happy as they develop in the womb. Below we highlight some of the ways mothers can accomplish this:

Effective baby care before birth

Providing special care for the baby during the whole pregnancy will become the main priority of future mothers who are concerned about their baby’s welfare. That’s why providing good prenatal care is essential for their development.

Regular checkups allow the doctor to suggest any changes to this routine early on, if anything unusual is detected.

Caring for your baby’s health before birth

Having an excellent diet, staying well hydrated, and exercising are also good ways to give quality care to your developing baby. If you feel good, the little one growing inside you will too.

Taking care of our health is a way of showing how much we love them and want them to be very happy.

Communication and the affective bond

Talking to the baby before they’re born is an important part of early stimulation tools that will help their future development. The emotional and neuronal benefits from this type of communication promote a strong affective bond.

6 Things That Will Make Your Baby Happy Before Birth

The baby’s ears finish developing at the beginning of the second trimester of gestation. This milestone allows them to listen to sounds from within the womb, especially their mother’s voice.

A baby in the womb is able to clearly hear the sounds emitted by the future mother, due to the high-frequency transmission produced by the sound waves internally.

Prenatal stimulation

Another way to communicate with our baby and achieve a good connection is through prenatal stimulation. We can caress our child with very soft belly rubs so that the baby can feel our touch.

In the last few months of pregnancy, you’ll be able to interact with them. You’ll get clear signs that they’re there listening to you. You’ll also notice them being very animated when they like something very much.

Contact with other family members

Whenever you can, incorporate other members of the family into the pregnancy process.

Celebrate each step of the process with each family member and close friends. For example, celebrate when the baby moves in the womb, as this demonstrates how fast it is growing.

6 Things That Will Make Your Baby Happy Before Birth

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Depending on how far along the pregnancy is, the baby may be able to distinguish other voices. They’ll feel very happy, wanted, loved and welcomed in this world.

Sense of opportunity

Like all of us, during the last few months of pregnancy, the baby has their rest hours and active hours. It’s helpful to try to identify those moments of rest or activity so as not to interrupt them.

If you don’t notice their resting periods, you could irritate them if you wake them up by caressing them or singing to them.

6 Things That Will Make Your Baby Happy Before Birth

In the last stage of pregnancy, the levels of anxiety increase in the baby. This is caused by the discomfort from the little space remaining in the uterus.

Thus, it’s recommended to increase the frequency of communication and stimulation during this period.

In this last stage of pregnancy, you can combine physical contact with songs or calming words to help them relax. If they seem very restless you can vary positions when you’re lying down, or walk a bit to help them feel more relaxed.

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