Is the Second Pregnancy Easier than the First?

Is the second pregnancy more or less complicated than the first? Do the same symptoms occur? If you're having these concerns, this article is for you. Continue reading to see what awaits you at each stage of this beautiful second pregnancy.
Is the Second Pregnancy Easier than the First?

Last update: 07 September, 2019

It’s normal to have many doubts while waiting for your second child. You’re probably wondering if the second pregnancy will be more comfortable than the first or if it’ll be the same.

Perhaps you avoid repeating certain circumstances from the previous pregnancy, especially if it was difficult and you had complications.

Keep reading to find out about common symptoms and experiences during second pregnancies.

4 reasons why the second pregnancy is easier

Gestation is different and unique in each woman. However, the second pregnancy has its own peculiarities, which, ultimately, may make it easier.

Is the Second Pregnancy Easier than the First?

1. Delivery is easier and faster

In general, women who give birth a second time have a number of physiological advantages in their favor.

Childbirth is usually more manageable, less painful, and takes less time the second time around. In fact, contractions are more efficient, so they don’t merit inducing labor, or the use of oxytocin to accelerate them. In addition, the uterus is more elastic and dilates faster.

On the other hand, the pelvic bones are more flexible, which makes it easier for the baby to cross the birth canal. The vagina is also more flexible; therefore, it’s easier to expel the baby. In most cases, it’s not even necessary to perform the episiotomy or the cut into the vagina.

We should note that there’s less blood during the second pregnancy. Therefore, the risk of complications arising such as subsequent anemia is minimized.

2. Your belly is more noticeable during the second pregnancy

At this stage, you’ll notice that your belly grows faster than the first time. The reason is that the muscles in your abdomen have distended and can adapt to the growth of the fetus more quickly. In most cases, it can be noticed as early as 12 weeks.

3. You’re more prepared

The experience you acquired during the previous pregnancy allows for more tranquility and security. Consequently, you can take better care of specific details such as regularly attending the obstetrician, and recognizing symptoms and discomforts faster.

Another reason why the second pregnancy is easier is that the mother is more willing to follow the instructions of her midwife or gynecologist. Also, when giving birth, you’ll exercise more control over your respiratory rate, which helps you save energy and have strength when you need it.

4. Better control of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia

If you suffered gestational diabetes or preeclampsia during your first birth, it might happen again the second time around. However, because of your previous experience, you’ll know which specialist to go to, and what treatment and diet to follow.

What happens during the second pregnancy?

Symptoms will vary considerably since it’s not the same baby, and the mother’s physical condition has changed. You’re older, more mature, and experienced. For this reason, your perception of the state of gravity will be different.

Consequently, many women feel more fatigued in their second pregnancy. This is mostly because they already have a child to care for, especially if they’re still small. This usually leaves you little time to relax and rest.

Decreases postpartum depression

Usually, the fear of taking care of a newborn fades in the second pregnancy, which minimizes the risk of suffering the psychological consequences of giving birth or postpartum depression.

Is the Second Pregnancy Easier than the First?

Less weight

Although your belly will be noticed sooner in your second pregnancy, you’ll gain less weight than the first time. However, this doesn’t affect the fetus. In fact, the opposite might happen: the second baby is usually born with more weight than the firstborn.

Precautions for the second pregnancy

You must take care of yourself in the same way as you did during the first pregnancy. Go to all of the prenatal consultations to better control your vital signs and to track the development of the fetus.

It’s essential to maintain a balanced and healthy diet with plenty of nutrients for you and the baby. Also, don’t forget to perform regular physical exercises recommended for pregnant women.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.