11 Things Men Should Do if They Want to Have a Baby

Women are the first to change their habits in order to conceive, but there are also things men should do if they want to have a baby.
11 Things Men Should Do if They Want to Have a Baby
María José Roldán

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Normally, when a couple begins to think about trying to get pregnant, the woman is the one that makes the most changes regarding her health and lifestyle because this will increase her fertility and her chances of conceiving. But men also have an important role in all this.

There are many factors that affect a woman’s fertility, but men must also prepare for their women to conceive.

Things men should do if they want to have a baby

Give up smoking

Cigarettes are full of harmful toxins, and none of these toxins are good for the adult body, much less the developing cells and reproductive organs responsible for creating life.

A woman who smokes during pregnancy is dangerous, but a man may be affecting his reproductive cells when he’s trying to conceive.

Don’t drink as much caffeine

Studies show that men who take more than 265 milligrams of caffeine per day have significantly reduced fertility.

To put that into perspective, a short shot of espresso contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine. This means that it’s better to leave caffeine aside if you want to be a father and opt for other drinks that don’t affect your fertility.

A pregnant couple looking at their ultrasound images.

Take vitamins

Women take folic acid in their diet to get pregnant (sometimes in pill form), but in men, a lack of folic acid in their diet can increase the chance of having abnormal chromosomes in the developing fetus.

Men also need to supplement their diet with vitamins and foods rich in folic acid to have a better chance of having a healthy baby.

Sleep well and exercise

Stress affects both men and women very negatively in many different areas of life. When you want to start a family, you can also have feelings of stress.

Exercising and maintaining good sleep routines in men will help ensure that the sperm are more likely to be active and ready to fertilize the egg.

Beware of stress

As we’ve just pointed out in the previous point, stress affects both men and women in different ways, but stress can be a negative factor in men when it comes to conceiving.

It’s possible for stress to wreak havoc on sexual relationships, and therefore, it’s more difficult to conceive a baby. Finding methods of physical and mental relaxation is essential to calming the stressed mind. Relaxation will help you feel better.

Stay on top of ovulation

The woman will control when her most fertile time is so that she can try to conceive on those days, but the man must also participate in being informed about the female fertile days.

This way, the woman will feel supported and understood at all times and the man will feel part of something as special as knowing the fertile days to conceive a precious baby.

A happy couplel looking at a pregnancy test.

Put alcohol aside

It’s best to avoid alcohol altogether, but believe it or not, both men and women can have a glass of wine or beer even if they want to start a family. What isn’t recommended is drinking alcohol on a regular basis.

Not drinking alcohol for a while may seem hard, but it’s the most brilliant idea to be able to try to conceive a baby.

See your doctor regularly

You can’t miss medical check-ups to find out how you are regarding your state of health. Men think that only women should go to the doctor when it comes to conceiving, but men also need to make sure they’re in good health so that they’ll be more likely to conceive. Your doctor can give you tips to increase your male fertility.

When a man and a woman want to have children, they should both go to the doctor’s office, because family planning isn’t just for women.

The man also has an active role in the whole process. A pregnant woman must have additional care, but the man shouldn’t be exempt from the entire process.

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