How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic

People with the inability to conceive often seek specialized treatments. So, how can you choose the right fertility clinic? Discover some tips.
How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic

Last update: 21 October, 2021

Going to a fertility clinic has become an option for thousands of women and couples looking to conceive a child. Whether it’s a couple with problems with sterility, a same-sex couple, or a woman who wants to become a mother despite not having a partner, assisted reproductive methods now adapt to almost any need. But how do you choose the best fertility clinic? What do you need to consider?

Well, choosing the right clinic isn’t always an easy task. Today there are a wide variety of specialized centers, recognized for their testimonies of success. In any case, before opting for one or the other, it’s best to assess some factors that can inspire confidence and a feeling of comfort. Discover what they are in the following article!

Tips for choosing the best fertility clinic

In assisted fertilization centers there are several types of services for those whose dream is to become parents. There, through a series of interventions, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), the chances of achieving pregnancy are increased, especially when there are fertility problems.

Now, knowing how to make a good decision regarding an assisted reproduction center requires time and patience. It’s best to compare, inquire about the services offered and, of course, identify what your individual needs are. Then, you can make other considerations so that the choice is the most appropriate.

A couple talking with a fertility specialist.

Choose a recognized center

First, it’s important that you identify if the clinic you’re going to choose is an officially recognized entity. What does this mean? That beyond whatever testimonies it has, it must have the corresponding authorizations to exercise its functions. In fact, you can search their website to see if they’ve obtained other official recognitions, such as quality seals or similar.

The team of professionals and services

In fertility clinics, the team of professionals includes everything from gynecologists to qualified embryologists and nurses. It’s essential that you look into their professional training and their trajectory regarding the treatments they offer. Besides this, you need to evaluate if their treatment is friendly and understanding no matter what doubts you may have. This will greatly determine the comfort of you and your partner throughout the treatment.

Of course, you have to find out in detail about the interventions offered by the center. These can include the following:

Success rates

A high success rate is an aspect that produces a lot of confidence in patients. Therefore, it’s another factor that you can consider before making a decision. Of course, it must be clear that many factors intervene in the result of the intervention. Besides receiving quality treatment, the individual characteristics of the woman are a determining factor in success. The professionals will be in charge of informing her about it before starting any treatment.

A technician working with a petri dish in a lab.

Conditions regarding the first consultation

Due to the doubts that exist in patients regarding assisted reproduction clinics, many centers offer a free first consultation. Undoubtedly, this becomes a great advantage, as it allows for a better evaluation of the clinics, their care, and their professional team without a financial commitment involved. In the end, it’ll be easier to choose the most appropriate one.

The price of treatment

Knowing in advance the prices of assisted reproduction treatments is essential. Depending on the clinic and the type of intervention, they can be quite expensive. Therefore, all doubts that you may have regarding costs and the services they include must be resolved beforehand. Sometimes the cost given doesn’t include additional tests such as pregnancy tests, blood tests, or semen studies.

Did you know that there’s also the possibility of financing your treatment?

Of course, not everyone will have the resources to pay for these treatments upfront. If this is your case, don’t be discouraged. Find out about those centers that have a financing system. Of course, try to read all the conditions regarding fees, interests, etc.

What do you need to remember?

Finding a good fertility clinic is part of the dream of having a baby for many. Therefore, it’s worth investigating their services, their certifications, and their professional team in depth. This, along with the incorporation of the latest technologies, will help you have a higher success rate.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.