10 Advantages of Being Parents of Twins

When we have children, it's undoubtedly a great blessing. But are you aware of the advantages of being parents of twins? Keep reading.
10 Advantages of Being Parents of Twins

Last update: 13 February, 2022

When we have children, it’s undoubtedly a great blessing, but there are parents for whom that blessing comes two-fold, giving them the opportunity to be the parents of twins.

Is it better to start out being the parents of twins? Although many think it’s an even more complicated and tougher task than starting with one baby, it actually has many advantages. We’ll name a few.

Some advantages of being parents of twins

1. Feeling that two lives are forming inside you. It must be said, although the symptoms of pregnancy are diverse and make you experience certain discomforts, it’s a really wonderful experience to have a life inside of you. Having two is definitely twice as wonderful.

2. When there are complications in getting pregnant, it’s truly a blessing to have twins. Many of us mothers may have had some difficulties in getting pregnant.

The fact that, when we have those complications, we manage to conceive two lives when it was so hard to do so, produces immense joy for the parents.

3. According to studies, conceiving twins indicates that the mother is healthy. Some studies indicate that mothers who manage to have twins tend to be healthier and even live longer.

4. We keep in shape and exercise all the time, even more than going to the gym! If one child causes a constant hustle and bustle in our lives, being the parents of twins will undoubtedly make our lives a lot more hectic. An Olympic sport!

5. The children will always have a sibling to entertain them. The fact that they have their twin always by their side will make them not need mom all the time to entertain and play with them. This is a very good advantage of having twins.

The great advantage of having a twin sibling

1. They have a life partner. The bond between twin siblings is quite strong. They always have a life partner through thick and thin.

2. They learn earlier how to interact with other children. Being born with another child and interacting every day makes them more social with other children.

3. What they learn, they teach their sibling. Having a sibling of the same age makes them help each other. When one of them learns something, they immediately teach it to their sibling. If one of them is more capable of learning, they’ll motivate their sibling to learn quickly as well.

4. It’s much easier to play and care for them. As they always live together, they usually have the same tastes and it’s much easier to interact with them. This also happens in games.

5. Double the love and fun.The most powerful advantage of all. Enjoying them, having fun with them, playing with them, all this, times two, makes for an even more wonderful experience.

Are twins a matter of genetics?

Several studies have been conducted to determine why twins with the same DNA have differences in the development of certain hereditary disorders.

The studies have yielded incredible results, which show that twins aren’t as genetically equal as has always been said to be.

In 2001, scientists showed that twins who followed different types of diets had differences in their cholesterol levels. A year later, in 2002, another study was carried out which determined that twins show significant differences in their emotional stability in terms of certain factors, such as their relationship with their relatives or the fact that they attend church or not.

In 2004, a study was conducted at Duke University that indicated that Alzheimer’s usually affects both twins in only 40% of cases.

Some studies also determined that by analyzing the percentage of cases in which both twins develop the same disorder, it was concluded that bipolar disorder would have an estimated heritability of 93%, occurring in 42.9% of identical twins. As for behavioral disorders, it would be 80%.

Depression, on the other hand, would have a heritability percentage of 37% in twins. While schizophrenia would affect 10.2%.

Twin baby girls.

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place, where colors are brighter, the air is softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”

-Elizabeth Lawrence-

We know that being the parents of twins isn’t easy because of all the effort we must make so that our children have an excellent upbringing, but having two children at the same time is something we must always thank life for.

Children are the greatest blessing that can come to a family.

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