The 7 Most Frequent Fears New Mothers Have

Do you know what the most frequent fears new mothers have are? In this article, we'll give you the information you need.
The 7 Most Frequent Fears New Mothers Have
Mara Amor López

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

When you find out that a baby’s on the way, there are many emotions and feelings that occur within you, especially joy and happiness. But that doesn’t mean that concerns and uncertainties won’t also appear due to this new stage that you’re about to begin. Do you want to know what the most frequent fears new mothers have are? If so, we invite you to keep reading.

The most common fears new mothers have

At a general level, fears and worries are very common in all mothers, although being a new mother adds the uncertainty of not knowing what you’re going to face.

When you’ve already been a mother once, the worries are no longer the same because the experience helps to calm the restless brain.

Pregnancy opens a chapter in a woman’s life that’s full of good, unprecedented, special things and also, many emotions, desires, and certain fears. Below, we’re going to share the most common concerns among pregnant women.

1. Not being able to handle pregnancy

This fear can appear as soon as you get the news that you’re pregnant because you don’t know for sure if you’ll be able to cope with the pregnancy or not. Nor if you’ll endure childbirth, if you’ll recognize the contractions when they come, if your body will endure all the weeks of gestation, among other issues.

Although these are very common fears that new mothers have, we must be clear that a woman’s body is capable enough to gestate and give birth to a baby.

A pregnant woman expressing her fears to her partner.
The hormonal and emotional changes of pregnancy can make everything seem more worrying than it really is.

2. Dealing with the wear or deterioration of your physique or body image

Although this fear sounds somewhat superficial, there are many mothers who really fear changes in their bodies: Weight gain, size, changes in skin color, stretch marks, and much more. All this can imply an important emotional alteration.

3. The change in the pace of life

Logically, the arrival of a new member to your family will make the life you led up to that moment change completely.

This can bring up some fears regarding your ability to perform as a mother, doubts about parenting, and the insecurity about whether or not you’ve made the right decision.

4. Damage to your own health

Yes, and there’s no need to feel bad about it. It’s totally normal to feel fear for our well-being and our health.

Sometimes, pregnancy tends to be idealized, and although it’s a wonderful moment, it’s also a time of worries and discomfort.

5. Diseases in the unborn baby

This is one of the most frequent fears of new mothers. Although your baby hasn’t been born yet, you’re concerned about how it’s developing and if it’s in good health. But this concern won’t end here, it will always be with you because your child is the most important thing for you.

In some pregnant women, this fear is such that it leads them to experience frequent nightmares about diseases or malformations of the baby. Even about pregnancy loss.

Although these emotions can be totally normal at times, if they appear frequently and interfere significantly with the quality of life of the pregnant woman, it’s worth seeking professional help.

6. Fear of medical tests

The medical tests that pregnant women undergo are also triggers of fear and concern. In addition to fears about the tests themselves, their results also produce uncertainty.

A pregnant woman getting bad news from her doctor.
Routine pregnancy studies and their results are an important cause of stress for pregnant women.

7. Economic or financial difficulties

This is something that also produces great concern for parents, as in addition to care and love, having a child produces significant expenses.

In the end, all parents care about giving their children the best life possible.

About the most frequent fears new mothers have

In short, the most frequent fears new mothers have are natural and normal, as they happen to the vast majority of mothers.

Starting a new stage in life, experiencing important changes, and living with the uncertainty that everything will turn out well produces great concern. The good thing is that these fears are overcome and then the page can be turned.

When you realize that most pregnancies proceed and end without problems, your mind manages to overcome these fears.

Therefore, it’s important for pregnant women to surround themselves with positive people and stories in order to avoid focusing on stories about negative experiences during pregnancy.

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