10 Tips to Quit Smoking If You're Pregnant

Many mothers have the ability and will to stop smoking when they become pregnant. But sometimes it's not so easy. The simple tricks discussed here are beneficial when you're having trouble quitting.
10 Tips to Quit Smoking If You're Pregnant

Last update: 24 June, 2019

All women know that being a mother means having to make many life changes, and that it’s important to quit smoking while you’re pregnant as soon as possible.

If you feel identified with what we’ve just described, you’ll find these tricks to stop smoking while you’re pregnant extremely useful. Below, we’ll list some tips that will be of great help to you.

However, these suggestions can be helpful to anyone looking to conceive. In which case, you know that cigarettes must be left behind.

Some women stop smoking as soon as they know they’re pregnant; this, of course, is an excellent decision. Ideally, you should be toxin-free for at least three months before the embryo forms.

Why should I quit smoking if I’m pregnant?

Carbon monoxide is one of the most toxic of the 4000 harmful substances found in cigarettes. The problem with carbon monoxide is that it restricts the amount of oxygen in the blood. If a pregnant mother inhales carbon monoxide, the fetus’ blood will contain less oxygen.

Among the risks of smoking for the fetus, we can mention:

  • Premature birth and low weight.
  • Possibility of severe perinatal complications and even fetal death.
  • High risk of respiratory diseases during childhood.
  • Higher risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary problems, and excess weight.
  • Risk of developing neurological disorders.
10 Tips to Quit Smoking If You're Pregnant

On the other hand, the mother’s body changes when she becomes pregnant, and she also becomes prone to diseases such as:

Common myths

There are several myths regarding smoking and quitting during pregnancy. One of them is that the anxiety caused by the absence of cigarettes does more harm than smoking itself.

Although it isn’t ideal to feel anxious while you’re pregnant, the withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of nicotine are still preferable to the toxic chemicals you ingest when you smoke.

Some say that smoking less is an acceptable alternative for those who can’t quit nicotine altogether. However, people who try to regulate their consumption in this way end up inhaling more smoke because they inhale more intensely when they do smoke.

10 tips to quit smoking cigarettes while you’re pregnant

Along with these tricks to stop smoking, you must maintain a positive mentality. That way, it’ll be easier for you to take the necessary steps. As explained above, smoking slows the heart rate and raises blood pressure; both which are negative consequences for pregnancy.

  • Think of a cigarette as a toxin: telling yourself that you’re not ingesting toxins anymore will have an awareness effect for you. You have to realize that this is the first step towards freedom.
  • Live in the here and now: like every addictive substance, nicotine takes you away from yourself and the present. For many, it’s an attempt to escape their problems. It’ll become a personal challenge. After the first assault of anguish, calm will take over little by little.
  • Don’t be afraid of the routine: many methods to quit nicotine advise that you change the routine in which you consumed this substance.

The withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of nicotine are still preferable to the toxic chemicals ingested while smoking.

  • Don’t replace nicotine with a placebo: you’ll read everywhere that if you keep your mouth and hands busy it’ll be just like before. The advice is to “enjoy the freedom of your mouth and your hands.” Relax your lips, free your hands.
  • Consume many fruits: those who’ve smoked know that smoking doesn’t allow you to taste certain natural foods. Take advantage of this moment and eat your favorite fruits; doing this will be good for you and your baby.
  • Drink water: water will help your body release toxins more quickly.
10 Tips to Quit Smoking If You're Pregnant
  • Don’t read too many tips on how to quit smoking: you know yourself better than anyone, and the best trick is to concentrate on the “here and now,” face your body’s sensations with loving curiosity.
  • Take care of yourself, be careful.
  • Don’t expect external support: this is a personal issue that you must face alone. That may be the most beautiful thing, not depending on anyone but yourself.
  • Don’t think about the money you’re saving: it isn’t necessary; think only about the benefits of committing to the decision to eliminate the risks that smoking tobacco brings.

In short, simply live, breathe, and try not to overthink, just let yourself flow. When you decide to quit smoking because you’re pregnant, you’re taking your first conscious steps towards motherhood. Be confident, you’ll make it!

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