Recommended Children's Books For Ages Seven to Nine

There are so many interesting topics, subjects, and varieties when it comes to choosing children's books. Discover our book recommendations for children aged seven to nine years.
Recommended Children's Books For Ages Seven to Nine

Last update: 06 June, 2021

There are many topics to explore when it comes to children’s books, and they can choose among hundreds of different books to read. We want our children to read and enjoy what they’re reading. In order to encourage them to keep reading, we’ve suggested a list of recommended children’s books.

With this in mind, the only factor that really matters is that children want to read. If they don’t want to read, it’ll feel like an obligation. When you force children to read, they’ll resent it and everything related to books. To avoid this, parents and teachers must show them and teach them about the different kinds of books and topics available.

Children have to choose books that they really enjoy. Find out about the best selection of children’s books, for ages seven to nine years.

1. El club de las zapatillas rojas (The red sneakers club)

Though personality and development is different for every person, From eight to nine years old, children are about to enter preadolescence. This is why this successful book collection is recommended for children aged from eight years old.

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This collection includes 14 books to help children to feel connected with the different characters. All readers can identify with at least one of them.

They’re four friends that live different adventures, showing a society addicted to social media and smartphones. Children will love this collection because it’s easy to read and relatable to real life.

2. Colección Hilda (Hilda collection)

Many times, it’s necesary to investigate what kind of books your children will like. Not everyone enjoys reading long paragraphs, and for those children there are other options such as comic books.

Hilda is the main character of this amazing comic book collection. Thanks to their curiosity, creativity, and imagination children will share in and enjoy different adventures.

Children love this book for the warm colors of their illustrations and the funny story. Nowadays, this collection has six books and it’s recommended for children from seven years old.

3. Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton

The Stilton brothers are classic characters in children’s literature. This is a safe option for children that dislike reading, as well as for those children who do enjoy reading. All children end up loving this book collection.

The stories of these mice also have classic and comic adaptations. What better start than reading classical books about the adventures of Geronimo Stilton?

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4. El día que mamá perdió la paciencia (The day mom lost her patience)

Mariú’s mom lost her patience, and the main character of this story is very worried. She asks Lía, a fairy, to help her bring her mom’s patience back while living a funny adventure in the world of dreams.

This book is recommended for children from seven years old since it’s easy to read. Children will love it, alongside learning values such as empathy and patience.

As we’ve said, children must enjoy reading and must choose books by themselves. Some children enjoy novels or comic books, and some prefer informative books. 

However, all children’s books are appreciated for their wonderful for their illustrations and array of interesting topics.

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