The Wishgranter: A Touching Short Film About Dreams

The Wishgranter is a short film that makes us reflect on the importance of not losing the hope of fulfilling our dreams.
The Wishgranter: A Touching Short Film About Dreams

Last update: 15 July, 2021

The Wishgranter is a moving and wonderful animated short film about dreams, destiny, magic, and hope.

It’s been nominated for countless awards; in 2017 it became the winning animated short film at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences College Television Awards.

This short film, in just five minutes, tells a beautiful love story between two young people. Even if this plot may seem basic and simple at first, it encloses a great lesson. Do you want to know what it is? Click here and watch the movie!

“Don’t get discouraged. Try hard, continue to give your best and never take this phrase out of your mind: good things await those who insist and resist!”

Leo Pavoni

The plot of The Wishgranter

The plot of The Wishgranter, as its title suggests, revolves around a fountain located in a square. Under it, there’s a small fantastic creature living, that’s responsible for making the dreams of all people who throw a coin into it come true.

Image from the short film The Wishgranter.
© Distributed by Passionflix. 12 Helpful Hands Productions, Passionflix

Normally, work for the endearing “wish-granter” is easy and even a bit monotonous and boring. One day, however, things change. Two young people, seemingly sad and lonely, decide to throw a coin into the well. They both want the same thing: to find love.

But, unfortunately, by throwing a coin at the same time, the system fails and the mythical creature is forced to rise to the surface, and has to work extremely hard to grant the long-awaited wish for love.

A touching short film about dreams

What can we learn from this beautiful story? Well, the first thing is that even if it’s not easy and even if it takes time, many dreams are fulfilled at some point: we mustn’t lose hope.

Moreover, in this animated short we can see how the little fantastic creature never gives up, and does everything in his powers to grant the wishes of the two young protagonists.

In real life, these “wish-granting” creatures don’t exist. However, one can strive just as the mythical being does in the movie, and do everything in his power to fulfill his dreams or goals.

“A dream doesn’t magically come true: it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Colin Powell

© Distributed by Passionflix. 12 Helpful Hands Productions, Passionflix

Reflecting with children after watching The Wishgranter

The Wishgranter is a movie enabling us to reflect on life, on the ability to dream, and to make those dreams come true. Therefore, it’s important not to remain in the superficial aspects of this animation, but to watch it over and over again until the message gets through.

To make this task easier for children, a good idea is to ask them questions such as:

  • “Why do you think the magical creature is trying so hard to make the two youngsters’ dreams come true?”
  • “Would you like to have the wish granter’s job? Why’s that?”
  • “What wish would you make, and do you think it’d come true?”

After answering these questions, children will become aware of what the real teaching of this short film is, and of the importance of making an effort, of surpassing themselves and of not throwing in the towel until they achieve what they set out to do.

Finally, they’ll have to perform an introspection exercise in order to think about their own concerns and interests, and about their dreams and goals.

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