6 Values We Could Learn from Our Teenagers

Adolescents carry with them a series of very interesting and significant values. Here are some things we can learn from our teenagers.
6 Values We Could Learn from Our Teenagers
Sharon Capeluto

Written and verified by the psychologist Sharon Capeluto.

Last update: 15 February, 2023

It’s immense what values we adults can learn from our teenagers. Have you ever thought about it? Young people live one of the most intense stages of life and, as long as we’re able to get rid of our prejudices regarding this period, we’ll find great lessons in it.

The values of adolescents

It’s obvious that adolescents aren’t interested in just anything. In other words, not everything seems important to them, and they let us know this on a daily basis. However, they have certain indisputable values in those aspects of life that are significant and important to them.

1. The value of friendship is a priority for adolescents

We all know that friendship during adolescence is very important. In fact, many adults probably still have friendships from that time or remember them with great affection. The point is that it would do us grown-ups a lot of good to give friendship the same level of importance that teenagers give it.

Teenage friends.
Teenagers know the meaning of companionship and loyalty thanks to the strong bond they have with their closest friends. They find in their peers the possibility of sharing adventures and new experiences.

2. They’re authentic

Another value that we should all admire and incorporate, is the authenticity that many teenagers have to their credit. While it’s true that many young people find it difficult to show themselves as they are, many others live according to their convictions, regardless of what others think.

This aspect has become more noticeable during the last decades, as children are gradually shedding their concerns for what people will say. How good it would do us adults to be more honest with ourselves and others!

3. They’re free and independent

Freedom is, practically, an incessant quest of teenagers. For them, it’s very important to conquer spaces based on independence and individualization. Therefore, they want to do things on their own, even if this means facing complications and obstacles for which they’re not one hundred percent prepared.

In an eagerness to explore the world, young people seek their own spaces, free from family mandates or demands. At the same time, this growing autonomy strengthens the sense of responsibility, as it entails starting to make decisions and taking charge of them.

4. They enjoy and have fun

Teenagers not only like to have fun, but they also invest a great deal of their time and energy in having a good time. Well-deservedly, well-being is one of their priorities. Therefore, they want to go out with friends to have a good time and they want to engage in innovative and exciting activities. Laughing out loud  to the point of tears is common for them.

Although it’s understandable that, with adulthood, leisure time is reduced due to work responsibilities, pleasure should remain a non-negotiable value throughout life and is one of the great values we can learn from our teenagers.

5. They respect the environment

It’s clear that youth have always been representative of revolutionary struggles that aim to have a positive impact on society and the planet. Contrary to what many people would expect, it’s often teenagers who generate ecological awareness in the adult population .

The truth is that young people are concerned about climate change and its consequences. It’s urgent that we listen to their pleas and get involved in the value of respect for the environment.

Teenagers are the protagonists of massive demonstrations and marches to raise awareness about environmental care. They also actively contribute to this task.

6. They’re supportive

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find teenagers committed to the community and with a very latent sense of solidarity. They tend to be sensitized, sometimes even more than adults, to vulnerable situations experienced by others.

Many young people are involved in solidarity activities such as volunteering or simply act out of empathy with the people around them. In addition, they’re willing to help selflessly. This is one of the most valuable values we can learn from our teenagers.

Teenagers also lead by example

Teenagers are much more than people with acne and emotional conflicts. The fact that they have their whole lives ahead of them makes them big dreamers. This is a rich and valuable stage in itself that provides so many opportunities for learning and growth. It’s when the belief system begins to be built and strengthened.

Therefore, we adults could observe and put into practice many of the values that teenagers have as a priority and that we also had at that stage, but that we seem to have forgotten.

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