My Child, You Are the Engine of My Life

There's no greater driving force than a child. My love, I invite you to know a great universal truth. You are the engine of my life!
My Child, You Are the Engine of My Life
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

My child, ever since you came into this world, I’ve been thinking about what I consider to be a great universal truth. There’s no more powerful driving force than a child. But not just any little one, but a very special one who’s unique for every parent. Believe me, since I met you after your birth, you’ve become the engine of my life.

You’re that strange substance made flesh that’s capable of pushing me to keep going every day. Who, without even uttering half a word, manages to give me the necessary encouragement to go on day after day. My life, you are light and you’re the push I need to move forward.

Small and deep love, thank you for guiding my every step. For marking the path to follow, and alerting me every time I think I’m losing my way. I thank life for the possibility of having transformed me into your mother. For it’s you who has taught me so much about life.

You explained to me that it’s better to honor life than to just go through life. You even helped me to get up after every fall and to stand up when I thought I was beaten. You made pain tan my skin and materialized every mistake into knowledge and life experience.

The engine of my life, every day

My child, I can’t stop admiring you in each of our days spent together and side by side. You definitely came to change my life, to teach me so many lessons. In this way, I believe we nourish one another mutually.

A painting of a mother and baby gazing at one another.

From that day when every complication became a trifle, I understood everything. I saw before my eyes a universal truth. I had before my eyes the most powerful driving force. Before my dazzled gaze, that tiny being held my heart in its hands–my life, and my energy.

You then became the most natural, powerful, effective, and efficient fuel. Capable of mobilizing my deepest intimate fibers. Owner of the password to make me believe. Full unsuspected confidence in me, and of course, for you.

It was then that I understood that there are no impossibilities when I have you on my team. There’s no evil that lasts forever and everything has a solution. Even more so if I look at my side and find that reason to overcome any obstacle.

You give me the strength to get out of any rut. The desire to get wherever it is, for you, and for me. For this family that, without even being fully aware of it, with bravery and so much love, I formed. And it’s you, my child, that tiny spark that makes me believe day by day that we deserve what we dream, and we can make it happen.

Thank you for so much, my eternal baby!

I have so much to thank that sweet little being for. Your tenderness and innocence are what keep me going day by day. In that beautiful and unforgettable smile, I find refuge from my problems. That sincere, penetrating, and disinterested look is my banner to be able to fight every day.

A painting of a mother napping with her children.

Every “mommy, I love you”, is the best balm for my being. A kiss, a hug, or those phrases that ignite my soul are what set my heart in motion. They’re what make it move forward, slowly but always surely. Because the foundation is firmer than ever: Love.

After that, nothing else matters. That pure, deep, unconditional, and incomparable love is the key. There’s no doubt about it. That’s the food that nourishes my soul. That’s how you simply become the engine of my life. In the support without which I couldn’t go on for a second.

May that beautiful habit of waking up next to you never be lost. May those magical and memorable moments never go away. May play dominate every day, may the freshness of your childhood fill my soul. I only hope to have you forever, my dear child.

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