15 Popular Baby Boy Names in Venezuela

Popular baby boy names in Venezuela are made up of traditional but also refreshing options. Today, we'll present them to you. Keep reading!
15 Popular Baby Boy Names in Venezuela
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Are you in search of the perfect name for the future little boy of your house? Are you in love with the country of the stars, which is decorated with Caribbean areas and spectacular mountains? If so, don’t miss the following popular baby boy names in Venezuela.

Traditional, familiar, and with deep meanings. But also original, modern, and fantastic. Don’t miss these names!

According to an article published by the Instituto Pedagógico de Miranda José Manuel Siso Martínez, names with a strange configuration, without tradition, and without a specific meaning (more linked to fantastic and natural beings), have gained prominence in Venezuela.

However, the truth is that among the most popular options, the most traditional ones still top the ranking.

These names, as stated in a research carried out at the Simón Bolívar University, are all binomial compounds that designate people or aspects relevant to Venezuelan parents.

Given this colorful panorama, we present the list with the most chosen names. Undoubtedly, you’ll be captivated! Especially if there’s a family member in the family tree with the same name. Shall we get started?

The coast of Venezuela.
The sea and the mountains merge in one of the Caribbean lands of South America, offering these names that result from the fusion of the Hispanic American cultures.
  1. Beltian: this is a compound formed by the final segments of Maribel and Cristian.
  2. Framil: this name is formed by the union of Francisco and Mildred.
  3. Gestor: with the internal segments of Angélica and Toribio, this original name that captivates Venezuelan parents so much is formed.
  4. Luisli: this name is formed with the first syllables of Luis and Lilian.
  5. Samot: from the traditional name of Tomás comes this inverted and original option.

Venezuelan compound names

  1. Carlos Alberto: consists of the union of a traditional name of Germanic origin that denotes strength and power.
  2. Carlos Eduardo: in line with the previous option, both names come from Germanic roots, but also enjoy popularity among Venezuelan families for their incredible energy.
  3. Jorge Luis: the Greek roots of Jorge are added to the Germanic origin of Luis, which gives this name a meaning of enormous ‘nobility’ and power.
  4. José Antonio: from the Hebrew José comes this option that joins a name of Etruscan origin, Antonio, which carries in its interior a great mystery.
  5. José Gregorio: similar to the previous option, but in this case, we add the Greek alternative of Gregorio. Undoubtedly, it’s a very original name.
  6. José Luis: as you can already guess, the name José is very frequent among Venezuelan fathers. In this sense, the same happens with Luis, whose popularity remains over time.
  7. Juan Carlos: the Hebrew option of Juan joins the Germanic Carlos and thus forms a compound name with a lot of meaning related to two great virtues, strength and glory.
  8. Julio César: this Latin name, of great history, is very frequent in Venezuela because it praises the manly features of an emperor.
  9. Luis Alberto: this combination is formed with two very popular options in this country. Therefore, it’s normal for Venezuelan parents to choose this alternative with Germanic roots.
  10. Miguel Ángel: the Hebrew option, Miguel, is combined with a Greek one, Ángel, and together they form a compound name of great strength and artistic vocation.
A pregnant Venezuelan woman.
Allow yourself to be enchanted by these multicultural compound names that are so characteristic of South America.

As you’ve seen, the options provided by this wonderful country are full of tradition and freshness. Venezuelan parents love the legacy of their ancestors and that’s why they opt for compound names. But they also offer other fantastic alternatives that are modern and full of personality.

If you’re about to welcome a boy into the family, hopefully, some of these options have touched your heart. The search for the perfect name for your son is a task you’ll never forget. Therefore, from You Are Mom, we have even more  alternatives to offer, in case none of these has convinced you yet. Don’t lose heart!

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