80 Modern and Original Boy Names

Not sure what to call your future baby? If that's the case, don't miss the modern and original boy names that we have to show you.
80 Modern and Original Boy Names
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

We know that deciding how to name the future king of your house can be a very complicated task. For this reason, we’ve allowed ourselves to create a list of 80 modern and original boy names to help you discover the one that’s right for your little boy.

Do you want to know what ideas we have for you this time? Keep reading!

Be captivated by these modern and original boy names

Many parents today opt for unique names for their little ones, as originality and individuality are the current trends. If you’re like this, these options will captivate you with their modern meanings, despite having a lot of history.

Names for boys that start with the letters A and B

  • Adal: a name of German origin that refers to the one who’s “sweet and noble”.
  • Adrien: a variant of Adrián, of Latin origin, which refers to the natural Roman family of Hadria (close to the Adriatic Sea). In addition, it defines “the one who comes from the sea”.
  • Aketx: according to the Royal Academy of the Basque Language, it’s linked to the Island of Aquech, an island located around Cape Machichac, in the Biscayan town of Bermeo (Basque Country).
  • Alatz: like the above, it’s also of Basque origin and means “prodigy”.
  • Aldan: of Galician origin, it defines the one who’s “wise or ancient”.
  • Alec: a hypocoristic of the name Alexander, of Eurasian origin.
  • Alessio: derived from the Latin Alexius and refers to the “defender or protector”.
  • Andeka: one of the most popular names in the Basque Country, although its meaning is unknown to this day.
  • Andros: this is a Greek name that means “brave and sportsman”.
  • Aomar: in Arabic, it means “the one of long life”.
  • Aris: a diminutive of Aristeo, meaning “the best”.
  • Armengol: a diminutive of Hermenegildo. It comes from the union of two Germanic divinities: Ermin and Gaud and means “ready for combat”.
  • Arnulfo: from the same Germanic origin, this option combines the terms arn (“eagle”) with wulf  (“wolf”).
  • Asel: linked to the Arabic language, it refers to “the just”.
  • Auritz: of Basque origin, it’s a very original and uncommon name.
  • Bayron: comes from the Celts to define the “country men”.
  • Bieito: comes from the Latin Benedictus and means “blessed”.
  • Brandon: a name of Anglo-Saxon origin, very recognized in several countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. As for its meaning, it alludes to the “swift sword”.
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Modern and original boy names: From C to H

  • Calvin: this pronunciation is elegant and very sophisticated, which isn’t surprising, given that it’s a diminutive of French origin.
  • Daren: of Nigerian origin, it means “the one born at night”.
  • Delfìn: comes from Latin and refers to the one who is “playful like a dolphin”.
  • Demian: from the Greek Damianos for one who “tames”.
  • Sunday: comes from the Latin dominus. Therefore, its meaning is “consecrated to the Lord”.
  • Dominic: this is the French version of Domingo, also very modern and widespread.
  • Drako: of Hindu origin, it refers directly to “life”.
  • Edey: according to the Canarian Academy of the Language, its origin isn’t exactly known, but the first documentation that has been found comes from the Isla de la Palma.
  • Aeneas: of uncertain etymology. However, it could come from aineo, which means “praised”.
  • Enetz: this is a name that distinguishes a person from the rest and comes from the Basque tradition.
  • Fabrizio: this is a variant of the Latin Fabrice, which refers to the one “one who works with his hands”.
  • Felix: this also comes from Latin and means “one who considers himself happy or fortunate”.
  • Guiem: as the Institute of Family Heraldry and History corroborates, it was a name widely used in the Middle Ages and in the lands of Catalonia. However, its origin is Germanic and means “a will that protects”.
  • Guiu: with the same etymological route as Guiem, one of the most recognized figures with this name is Saint Guido, a peasant who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and who died during the return.
  • Gus: a diminutive that comes from the Latin word augere, which means “to increase”.
  • Hadrian: this is a variant of Adrian that gave origin to the surname of a Roman aristocratic family, belonging to the Elia gens.
  • Hermes: he was the Greek messenger god of borders and travel. the name alludes directly to the “interpreter of the gods”.
  • Homer: was a Greek poet of great renown, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
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Names for boys: From I to L

  • Igor: an option of Russian origin for the child who “takes care of others”.
  • Igotz: of Basque origin, it refers to a mountain located between the towns of Markina and Munitibar.
  • Ilian: a Romanian unisex variant for the one with “great beauty”.
  • Isacio: comes from the Greek tradition and symbolizes “equality”.
  • Jacques: an exquisite name of French origin. Some believe that it’s the variant of Diego.
  • Jael: a name of Hebrew origin, very common in countries such as the United States, Israel, and the United Kingdom. In regard to its meaning, it’s perfect for parents of faith, as it means “the Lord is God”.
  • Janus: in Roman mythology, he’s the god of doors, beginnings, and endings. That’s why the first month of the year was consecrated to him.
  • Kamal: of Sanskrit origin, it means “lotus flower”.
  • Karim: a name with Arabic tradition for one who’s “noble, generous”.
  • Kenai: of Native American origin, it means “black bear”. In addition, it also refers to an Alaskan peninsula.
  • Kendall: a unisex name of Germanic origin. The Kent River Valley is also recognized in this way for having a special relationship with “spring”.
  • Kerizo: refers to “preach, announce”. It comes from the Christian term kerygma.
  • Kuno: a name of Germanic origin that refers to “the clan” or “the family”.
  • Leo: comes from Latin and is a variant of Leon. It makes an express reference to the lion.
  • Levi: comes from Hebrew and means “he who unites his own”. A perfect option for the new member of the family.
  • Lian: of Gaelic origin and works both for girls and boys, as it refers to the “son of the sun”.
  • Lorenzo: comes from the Latin for which it is “crowned with laurels”. It’s the Spanish variant of Laurence.
  • Luc: a French name that expressly refers to “light”.
  • Luca: some believe that it comes from Lucio, but others affirm that its origin is Hebrew and means “hurricane”.

Modern and original boy names: from M to O

  • Mael: a name of Celtic origin that refers to the “prince” of the house.
  • Maiol: of Catalan tradition, it’s one of those short options that you fall in love with.
  • Manoel: a variant of the Hebrew form of Manuel, which means “God is with us”.
  • Marc: is the Catalan form of Marcos and one of the most popular names for babies born in Catalonia.
  • Martin: comes from the Latin form Martis, which means “Mars” or “consecrated to the god Mars”.
  • Marvin: of English origin for the “friend of the sea”.
  • Mateo: as you can already suppose, it’s of Hebrew tradition for the one who symbolizes the “gift of Yahweh”.
  • Matias: a variant that also means “gift of God”.
  • Maurino: comes from the Latin marinus (“dark”).
  • Max: the diminutive of Maximo or Maximiliano and its Latin origin derives its meaning: “the greatest”.
  • Maximum: a longer name that overlaps with the previous option.
  • Milan: a Slavic diminutive for one who’ll always be “wanted and loved”.
  • Milo: comes from the Germanic tradition and means “nice”.
  • Mirko: of Slavic origin, for “he who has glory in the world”.
  • Nils: a Scandinavian variant of Nicolas. In other words, it symbolizes the “victory of the people”.
  • Otto: a German form that represents “wealth”.
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Modern and original boy names: From R to Z

  • Raico: this is how the warrior from the Anaga area, on the Island of Tenerife, was recognized.
  • Ramos: comes from Latin and refers to bouquets of flowers.
  • Roman: to make express reference to “one who belongs to Rome”.
  • Roque: there’s debate regarding its origin, it means “battle cry” or “strong as a rock”.
  • Seneca: derived from the Latin senectus (“veteran”).
  • Silas: is the Greek abbreviated form of Silvanus, the Roman god of forests and fields.
  • Thor: apart from the mythological God, he’s also related to the Norwegian voice torden (thunder”).
  • Xanti: this is the Basque variant of Santiago.
  • Yone: a unisex name for one who is “surrounded by violets”.

Choose a unique option with any of these 80 modern and original boy names

Many parents take time to choose the right name for their little one during pregnancy, as this decision is one of the most important in the life of any couple. Along these lines, there are also quite a few who dream of giving an original name to the most important person in their lives.

The main objective is to symbolize the authenticity that a child represents for any parent, as they’re an irreplaceable and unique being of light in the world. Therefore, these modern and original options could be perfect if you’re looking to reflect this desire.

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