24 Boy Names that Start with the Letter X

Boy names that start with the letter X are original and are full of personality. Find out what the options are and choose one for your baby.
24 Boy Names that Start with the Letter X

Last update: 22 March, 2022

Are you looking for the ideal name for your child? Today, we want to put at your disposal a list of boy names that begin with the letter X to help you in the decision process.

You’ve already told the world that you’re expecting a boy! Now you need the name for your baby. You can opt for the traditional and popular names, or if you prefer, you can choose an exotic name or the name of a celebrity that you admire.

These are moments of joy and happiness, so relax, enjoy the months ahead, and calmly read this list that we’ll share below.

Boy names that start with the letter X

The letter X was born in ancient alphabets as a graphic symbolizing a fish, in the same way the Phoenicians used it. For the Greeks, it was the letter Xi, evolved into the modern Chi, which is identical to the Latin X we know today. Although there’s a difference: In Greek, it is pronounced as J.

In this evolution, the sound also changed. In Latin, it was pronounced as KS, in Old Castilian it was a soft “ch”, and in English, it’s a “sh” sound.

Do you want to know what names begin with this unusual letter? Here are our favorites.

Listed in alphabetical order

  • Xabel: means “lives in the new house”.
  • Xavier: is the Basque version of the Castilian Javier.
  • Xacobe: a masculine name that comes from Latin, comes from “Xacobus“, “the liberated one”.
  • Xacin: of Mayan origin, it means “streaked corn”.
  • Xaime: comes from Hebrew and means “God favors”.
  • Xalbador: a Basque variant of Salvador, referring to Jesus Christ.
  • Xaman: of Mayan origin, it’s the name of the God who guides the only stationary star in the sky, “the Pole Star”.
  • Xan: is a Galician version of John.
  • Xarles: a Germanic name for a man of “great strength.”
  • Xavi: a diminutive of Xavier.
  • Xel-há: a Mayan word that refers to the “Place where water is born”, xel means “entrance” and há, water.
  • Xen: a masculine name of Chinese origin meaning “authentic”.
  • Xenaro: from ancient Rome, coming from Latin, meaning “He who is born in January”.
  • Xenxo: a masculine name of Greek origin that means “protector of the family”.
  • Xerardo: a variant of Gerard, meaning “strong and brave with the spear.”
  • Xermán: the Asturian form of Germán, referring to “spear man, warrior.”
  • Xiao: a male name of Chinese origin meaning “dawn.”
  • Xilberto: comes from the German Gilbert, which is interpreted as the “golden arrow”.
  • Xilonen: a Nahuatl word that translates as “God of young corn.”
  • Ximeno: a Basque variant of Gimeno.
  • Xoan: the Galician form of John.
  • Xoel: of Hebrew origin, a variant of Joel.
  • Xochtiel: a word that means “flower” in the native Mexican language Nahuatl.
  • Xosé: variant of José or Joseph, used in Galicia and meaning “God will provide”.

There are many ways to choose, one of them is to choose between a popular name that millions of people have or a more unique one, like the ones on this list of boy names that start with the letter X. All of them are very original, don’t you agree?

Regardless of the aspects mentioned, you can do a search based on other personal tastes such as history, colors, or places in the world that fascinate you.

The important thing is that you find among the thousands of names that you’re going to read one that sounds harmonious and sweet. That will be the one that will accompany your child for life.

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