Welsh Names for Boys

Within these Welsh names for boys are hidden great stories of kings and the magic that the most powerful magicians gave off.
Welsh Names for Boys

Last update: 10 December, 2021

With the same strength and history of the Celtic peoples, we want to present you will the following Welsh names for boys. These will enchant you thanks to their extraordinary and magical meanings, which allude to warriors prepared for battle.

In addition, these also have a special relationship with the nature of these lands. Therefore, you’ll also find options related to the sea and to mythology. Are you starting to fall in love with them? Keep reading.

Do you prefer Welsh names for boys?

Welsh emerged around the 6th century AD. In this sense, it comes from the British (or Breton) spoken in Great Britain in Roman times and has incorporated many loanwords into Latin.

In addition, some experts also maintain that the “matter of Britain” was written for the first time in Welsh, incorporating the famous story of King Arthur with all his renowned characters. In their favor, it must be said that these names would reflect this hypothesis well. Do you want to know what magical meanings they carry inside?

A boy dressed as a king.

Welsh names for boys: From A to L

  • Adain: refers to one who has “wings” from birth.
  • Amser: means “time”.
  • Algiers: with the original meaning of “refuge”.
  • Arial: name of Welsh origin that means “vigorous”.
  • Deian: is the Welsh variant of David, which means “loved”. In addition, as Javier Gómez explains in his article, he’s recognized for being the patron saint of Wales.
  • Delvyn:unisex name with the meaning of “beautiful”.
  • Derwen: for the one who “comes from the oak”.
  • Dinsdale: perfect for the child who was “born on Sunday”.
  • Elgan: refers to the “luminous circle”.
  • Cadin: a variant of Caden, meaning “spirit of battle”.
  • Crisiant: for those who are “like glass” in beauty and toughness.
  • Cynfor: expressly refers to the “big boss”.
  • Idris: “ardent Lord”. According to its etymology, it’s made up of the term udd (“lord prince”) combined with ris (“fiery”).
  • Kay: known to Sir Kay the Steward. According to medieval novels, he’s the son of King Arthur’s adoptive father, Sir Hector, and therefore, he’s Arthur’s stepbrother.
  • Llewellyn: of Welsh origin and the meaning is “like a lion”. Also, like the Welsh name Lleu, it’s likely derived from the Celtic god Lug, which means “bright”.
  • Lug: he’s also the Gallic God of arts and science. In relation to the above, it comes from the Celtic lug.

Welsh names for boys: From M to Z

  • Mervyn: from the Welsh name Merfyn, possibly meaning “famous marrow”. That is, it comes from the name of a 9th century Welsh king, Merfyn Frych.
  • Morgan: derived from Morcant, which means “great fulfillment”.
  • Owain: derived from eoghunn (“youth”). In Arthurian legend, Owain was one of the Knights of the Round Table. Furthermore, this name was also used by Owain Glyndwr, a 14th century leader who fought in the Welsh resistance against Spanish rule.
  • Price: comes from a Welsh surname, ap Rhys, which literally means “son of Rhys”.
  • Rhys: refers to “enthusiasm”. At the same time, several Welsh rulers have also carried this name.
  • Ronet: for the “little one who is big”.
  • Talfryn: means “high hill”.
  • Taliesin: In Welsh mythology, Taliesin was a wizard and bard who acquired the Gift of Prophecy.
  • Trevor: comes from a surname of his meaning it refers to a “big town”.
  • Tudor: a form of the ancient Celtic name Teutorigos and means “ruler of the people”.
  • Urien: perfect for the child who has just been born, as it means ‘privileged birth’.
  • Vaughn: comes from a traditional Welsh surname, Wales bychan, which refers to “little”.
  • Wallace: a surname that began to be used as a given name as a sign of respect for William Wallace from 1,300.
  • Yale: also derived from a traditional surname, which refers to a “fertile plateau”.
A Welsh castle.

Fill your son with strength with these Welsh names for boys

As you may have already seen, these are options that expressly refer to the great battles of a kingdom with a fascinating history. Therefore, if any of these options has caused you to fall in love with its spectacular meaning, don’t hesitate to choose it for the future king of your house.

So, have you felt that call when reading any of these Welsh names for boys? Let us know in the comments!

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