30 Catalan Names for Boys

Choosing a baby's name can be tricky. Why not take these Catalan names for boys we'll tell you about into consideration.
30 Catalan Names for Boys

Last update: 12 October, 2021

If you’re looking for an original name that also respects the phonetic roots of one of the most historic languages, this is the article for you. Today, we’ll present you with the best 30 Catalan names for boys to help you decide.

If you have a family in this region of Spain or because you’ve visited somewhere where Catalan is spoken, don’t lose sight of these beautiful options to call your future son.

The best Catalan names for boys

Spaniards don’t have to be from Catalonia to choose a Catalan name, and this is thanks to Spanish multiculturalism. This can be seen, for example, between the choices of the parents of the Community of Madrid.

Their special intonation highlights the beauty and originality of the speech of a people with a great history. Therefore, today, we want to present you with some options that you’ll fall in love with just by hearing them. Take note!

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Catalan names for boys: from A to M

  • Adriá: The Catalan form of Adrián and means “the one who comes from the sea”.
  • Aleix: The Catalan form of the name Alejo, which shares a root with Alejandro, both of Greek origin. In addition, it means “the one who protects and provides aid against enemies”.
  • Alfred: This is the version of the original Germanic Alfredo, it means “the peacemaker”.
  • Andreu: A variant for Andrés that comes from the Greek andreios. That is to say, “the most virile”.
  • Arnau: From the Germanic Arnold that refers to one who is “powerful as eagles”.
  • Eduard: A variant of Germanic origin that means “the guardian of wealth”.
  • Esteve: A Catalan variant of the name Esteban that translates as “the one who wears the crown”.
  • Genis: One of the rarest Catalan names for boys. It’s associated with a “productive and hardworking man”.
  • Jaume: A Catalan variant of the Hebrew Jácome (Jacob), the biblical patriarch who’s “the father of the chosen people”.
  • Jordi: The Catalan form of Jorge, which means “he who works the land”.
  • Llorenç: Refers to “the one who fights for his reward”.
  • Lluc: Refers to a “man with light” and is the variant for Lucas and Lucanor.
  • Manel: From Emmanuel, it means “God is with us”.
  • Marc: This is a variant of Marcos. In addition, it has a mythological origin from the God Mars and its meaning is “strength”.
  • Mateu: The Catalan form of Mateo, which means “gift from the Lord”.
  • Maximum: “the largest”.

Catalan names for boys: from N to Z

  • Nadal: This is a name that translates as “birth or nativity”.
  • Narcís: A quite rare Catalan name, which means “son of great beauty”.
  • Nicolau: A Catalan form of Nicolás, whose meaning is “he who is the victor of the people”.
  • Oriol: This name is very popular in Catalan areas. It comes from the Latin aureolus and is attributed the meaning of “golden”. In Spanish, its equivalent is Aurelio.
  • Pere: From Pedro, meaning “rock”.
  • Pol: Like Pablo, it means “the little one”.
  • Raimundo: A “man who is protected by the divine council”.
  • Roderic: The Catalan form of Roderick, meaning “famous power”.
  • Salvador: “The one who saves”. There’s also the variant Vador.
  • Timoteu: A name of Greek origin that’s associated with “he who feels adoration towards God”.
  • Unai: “Cowboy” or “the daring one”.
  • Vicenç: With the C-cedilla, this is the Catalan form of Vicente and means “to conquer”.
  • Ximo: A variant in Catalan of the name Joaquin, which means “God will build”.
  • Zoel: A name used in ancient times that means “son of Yahweh”.

Do you like any of these names for your little one on the way?

A daughter smiling up at her pregnant mother.

One of the things that most excites pregnant women is the choosing of the name for their little one.

However, we know that this can become a somewhat complicated task and, for that reason, we hope to have helped you with these Catalan names for boys. Most of them are related to perseverance, strength, and great values. These aspects are essential for the good education of children, according to a study developed by the Universidad Autónoma Indígena de México.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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