23 Names of Queens for Girls

Are you expecting a future queen of the house and don't know what to name her? Don't miss the names of queens for girls. You'll love them.
23 Names of Queens for Girls
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Do you dream of having a little fighter who’s full of energy, courage, and spunk? If so, and you’re looking for names that fit this description, you’re in luck. At You Are Mom , on this occasion, we’ve prepared for you a selected list of the most beautiful and powerful names of queens for girls.

Some of them may be familiar to you and you may have heard them before, but others will be original and multicultural. However, all these options have been the choice of the parents of the most prestigious royal houses and come from different countries and cultures. Let your heart take you and make the final decision.

The most beautiful queen names for girls

Royal ladies of all ages have been given precious names. Do you want to know what they’ve had in store for you for so long? You might find the perfect name for your daughter today.

Keep reading and write down the options that you absolutely love.

Names of queens for girls: from A to C

  • Alexandra: comes from the Greek name Alexander. Therefore, it alludes to the ‘protector of nations’. It’s also the feminine variant chosen for the princess of Hanover.
  • Ashi: comes from Persian and means ‘truth’. It’s borne by the heiress to the throne of Bhutan.
  • Astrid: in Greek, this name means ‘the best’ and corresponds to a princess of Sweden.
  • Beatriz: from Latin, this name receives the award of being ‘the bearer of happiness’. It’s the name of a former queen of the Netherlands.
  • Catherine: this name alludes to the one who is ‘pure, immaculate’. In this regard, Catherine II of Russia is recognized for being “The Great”.
  • Charlotte: the future little heiress to the English throne adopts the Germanic variant of Charles. Therefore, it’s to be expected that she will be a strong and courageous woman.
  • Caroline: in the Middle Ages, this was the name given to ‘strong and courageous’ women. The bearer of this warrior option is none other than Caroline of Monaco.
  • Cleopatra: the great Egyptian pharaoh is also recognized, as María Gabriela Huidobro points out in her book De reinas y plebeyas, mujeres en la historian, as an Egyptian queen. For this reason, she’s one of the outstanding options on this list.
  • Christina: this name comes from the name of Christ and, in itself, is a universal queen option. For this reason, she makes any proud father fall in love with his queen.
A newborn baby wearing a tiny golden crown.
The future queen of the house is about to arrive and is worthy of receiving a name that comes from the nobility.

Names: D to M

  • Ingrid: from German, meaning ‘beauty’. Nowadays, this is how the queen of Denmark is known.
  • Isabella: without a doubt, she’s a choice of great monarchical trajectory in the Spanish and English Royal House. In addition, her Christian origin is the cradle of success to form women with character and personality.
  • Leonora: the heiress of the Spanish crown enhances her personality with this option, whose meaning refers to the strength of a lion.
  • Letizia: this is the name given to the queen of Spain. Formerly known as Princess of Asturias, she receives a precious meaning, as the name refers to the ‘woman who gives joy’.
  • Margarita: apart from symbolizing the beauty of this precious flower, it also refers to the queen consort of Italy.
  • Mary: a precious Hebrew name to designate the mother of God. For this reason, it’s common to hear it on the English throne.

More names: M to Z

  1. Marie Antoinette: in line with the previous option, this compound name brings to mind the heiress of the house of Austria and France. A woman, undoubtedly, with a lot of personality.
  2. Marit: its origin is believed to be Scandinavian, and the house of Norway wears it with pride and wisdom out of respect for its traditions.
  3. Matilda: the queen of Belgium is so named and refers to ‘the warrior and strong woman’.
  4. Keisha: the future heiress to the throne of Nigeria receives this name of Arabic origin. It’s possibly a diminutive of Lakeisha, which means ‘alive and well’.
  5. Rania: this is the name given to the Queen of Jordan. Like the previous option, it also comes from Arabic and alludes to the woman who is ‘charming’.
  6. Sofia: this wonderful Greek alternative resonates in the Spanish Royal House.
  7. Sonia: this is the name of the Queen of Norway. As its Greek meaning states, it means ‘she who has wisdom’.
  8. Victoria: Queen Victoria is recognized worldwide as a member of British royalty. Undoubtedly, a name that foreshadows a great ‘victory’, thanks to its Latin origin.
A little girl wearing a golden crown and looking at herself in the mirror.
Her gaze will enchant you at first sight and she’ll reign in your heart for life.

Opt for one of these queen names for girls and you won’t regret it

Although each country has its own royal line of descent, a universal chronology of all the queens who have ruled throughout history has yet to be made.

However, there’s no doubt that all the personalities shown here are strong women, fighters, and warriors, capable of facing any situation to defend what they want and desire. What better example to follow for the little girl who has the same name as one of them?

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