The 57 Most Beautiful Girl Names of 2021

Are you expecting a beautiful baby girl? If you still don't know what to name her, check out the most beautiful girl names of 2021 in Spain.
The 57 Most Beautiful Girl Names of 2021

Last update: 08 December, 2021

Congratulations! The news that your family is expanding is always a joy. Therefore, if you’re home is going to be receiving a tiny new queen, we’re going to help you choose what to call her with Spain’s most beautiful girl names of 2021.

We know that sitting down and deciding what to call your little one isn’t an easy task. So, are you ready to discover what else this year has in store for you?

Spain’s most beautiful girl names of 2021

According to the data published by Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE), we’ve prepared a list with the options most chosen by new parents in recent years. These beautiful names will surely triumph in the 2021 ranking. Take note!

Girl names of 2021: from A to I

A little girl smiling for the camera with a crown of red and white flowers on her head.
  • Africa: oddly enough, the truth is that this is a name of Greek origin. It means “without cold” (although some give it the meaning of “exposed to the sun” or even, “where the sea foams”).
  • Aitana: a name of Basque origin that means “glory”. In recent years, it’s become one of the most popular names for families.
  • Alana: means “precious awakening”. A precious option for those parents who are waiting for a new beginning in this new stage of their lives.
  • Alice: means “the real one”.
  • Alma: of Latin origin, it means “the one who has all the spirituality and is capable of giving life”.
  • Amina: of Arab tradition, refers to that girl who is “honest and faithful”.
  • Amy: this is the diminutive of Amanda and refers to the one who is “loved”.
  • Ana: comes from Hebrew and defines the one who is “compassionate”.
  • Ariadna: means “the one who is pure”.
  • Belén: the Spanish word for Bethlehem, it’s inspired by the place where Jesus was born. Therefore, it’s a proper name derived from Bethany and means “house of bread”.
  • Berta: comes from the Germanic word berht, which would be translated as “shine or radiance”.
  • Camila: this is a feminine given version of the masculine Camillus, originating from Latin which means “the one who is in front of God”.
  • Candela: comes from the Latin candil and means “candle”. So, it refers to the one that “always keeps the light”.
  • Carla: a name of German origin that means “brave and strong”.
  • Carmen: from Latin, it refers to “music, the poem that enchants”.
  • Charlotte: refers to the “strong woman”. It’s quite a popular option among Anglo-Saxon parents, but it’s gaining strength among other countries.
  • Chloe: Along the same lines as the previous option, it means “grass or green shoots”.
  • Daniela: the female variant of Daniel. Therefore, it symbolizes “the justice of God”.
  • Diane: this beautiful and mythical Latin name is the diminutive of Diviana, derived from the Central European root deieu (“clarity, sky”).
  • Elia: “the one that shines with the sun”.
  • Emily: an English variant of Latin origin that refers to “the one who works with effort”.
  • Emma: a name of Germanic origin that refers to “the one who is strong and powerful”.
  • Eva: based on the first woman in the world. Obviously, it refers to the one “who gives life”.
  • Fuji: a Japanese name whose meaning is related to wisteria, a beautiful flower that’s light purple in color. But in addition, it also refers to “wealth and prosperity”.
  • Gala: inspiring woman and muse of the artist Dalí. If you like names with tradition and culture, without a doubt, this is the best option.

Girl names of 2021: From I to M

  • Iria: although it’s of doubtful origin, the truth is that it’s increasingly linked to its Celtic tradition. Therefore, its meaning refers to “the stone” as the origin of a town or a settlement. Therefore, it could be translated as “arable land or fertile land”.
  • Isabel: this name is considered to be a variant of the Hebrew Elisheva, which means “oath or promise of God”. However, it also refers to the combination of the name of the Egyptian goddess, Isis, and Bel, the main Babylonian god.
  • Jana: Juana’s Latin hypocoristic nickname, which refers to the fact that “God is merciful”.
  • Jimena: refers to the one “who knows how to listen”. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful virtues that a person can possess.
  • Josefa: comes from the name Joseph, whose meaning is “what God multiplies”. At the same time, it ranks fifth among the most popular options for this year.
  • Juana: the feminine form of Juan. Its masculine version appears many times in the Bible and means “God is favorable”.
  • Laura: this name is inspired by the term laurus which means “laurel”, a symbol of glory and victory since ancient times.
  • Lucia: refers to “the one who was born with the first light of day”. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it continues to be one of the most popular names for parents.
  • Manuela: a feminine name of the Hebrew Manuel, means “the God who is with us”.
  • Maria: the most classic option of all. As you can already guess, it’s of Hebrew origin and refers to “the chosen one”.
  • Mariana: there are experts who believe that the name Mariana comes from the union of Maria and Ana, but others assure us that it’s an independent name, whose meaning refers to “that which is related to Maria”.
  • Martina: this is frequent in some Spanish-speaking countries and is the feminine variant of Martin, of Latin origin. For this reason, it’s linked to the God Mars and refers to “the warrior”.
  • Mia: This is said that it is a diminutive of other names such as María or Amelia, but the truth is that it’s already considered a consolidated and increasingly popular name.

Girl names of 2021: from N to Z

  • Noa:unisex name that’s short and direct, which is gaining more and more prominence. Of Hebrew origin, it alludes to “rest, peace”.
  • Noor: of Arabic origin, it means “light”.
  • Paula: this name comes from the Latin Paulus and means “the youngest, the smallest”. Without a doubt, a perfect option if you’re waiting for the youngest child of your family.
  • Raquel: this is a name of Hebrew origin that’s mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Literally, it means “lamb”. It’s the Spanish version of Rachel.
  • Salomé: of Hebrew origin, it’s a beautiful name that refers to the little girl who brings “peace and harmony”.
  • Sara: for the “princess” of the house, there’s no better option. Furthermore, her Hebrew tradition relates her directly to Abraham’s wife; so it has a lot of spirituality.
  • Sofia: of Greek origin for one who possesses “wisdom”.
  • Valentina: of Latin origin, with clear references to “courage”.
  • Valeria: there are many parents who fall in love with the beauty of the meaning of this classic name that means “healthy or robust”.
  • Vera: from the Latin verus, which means “true”.
  • Zaira: “the one who is luminous” or “the one who has blossomed”. Without a doubt, a perfect name for the little girl who’s emerged from your body.
  • Zoe: comes from Greek and refers directly to life.
A red-headed girl smiling and holding daisies over her eyes.

Trend-setting compound girl names of 2021 in Spain

  • Ana Maria: represents the fourth position among the most popular names of 2021. So, undoubtedly, she still triumphs.
  • Blanca Cristina: an option with a lot of religiosity in its meaning. Therefore, it’s perfect for parents of faith.
  • Dulce María: following the previous option, it’s also an increasingly popular name among Latin American options.
  • María Dolores: a name with a great tradition that endures because Lola represents a “strong woman”.
  • Danna Sofía: for that little girl who carries justice as a flag, as she alludes to “the one who judges”.
  • Maria Carmen: according to official statistics, it remains in first place among the options most chosen by parents in Spain.
  • Maria Teresa: a perfect union between Maria, “the one full of grace” and Teresa, “the divine huntress”.

A great year for a great choice: Choose from the most beautiful girl names of 2021

Without a doubt, you’re experiencing one of the most beautiful moments of your life. This is a great year to enjoy a new stage, as you’ll have the presence of the most important little person in the world.

If you still don’t know what to name your baby, we hope that some of these options have touched your heart and have captivated you. Let us know in the comments!

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