27 Boy Names that Start with the Letter W

In this list, you'll discover 27 boy names that start with the letter W. Start reading now to discover the best one for your child!
27 Boy Names that Start with the Letter W
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Making a list, following a tradition, remembering a loved relative, or choosing a name based on the letter it starts with are just some of the ideas you can resort to in order to choose what you’re going to name your baby. If you already have a favorite, then congratulations! But if you still don’t have one, here’s a list of boy names that start with the letter W.

With the certainty that you’re expecting a boy, the time has come to think of a name for the little one. You can take into account several things. For example, if you like to investigate, find out the meaning of each name. If you prefer for it to sound great, see how it checks out with your last name. And if the baby already has siblings, it’s a good idea to choose a name that’s easy to pronounce. To help you in your quest, we’ve prepared a list of boy names that start with the letter W. They’re all beautiful, important, and with a lot of personality.

“Naming is an act of culture. An ancestral and necessary gesture. A fact that founds identity and frames each person in a context of belonging. There is no one who does not have at least that, an answer to the simple question: What is your name?”

-Communication Sciences Magazine. Buenos Aires University-

Boy names that start with the letter W

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The letter W has its origin in the old Anglo-Saxon alphabet. As it wasn’t found in the Latin alphabet, when this alphabet was adopted in the countries of Europe, they had to add new letters for some sounds that it didn’t include. This is the case of the V and the Y. The W is a repetition of the V, and in English, it’s called “double-U”.

Names that start with the letter W listed in alphabetical order

In general, the letter W designates words from German or English, as originally, the W was a double VV (double V) used in the language by the first Anglo-Saxons. Therefore, most of the names that start with this W are English names, although we also find Slavic, Quechua, African, and Germanic names. We invite you to meet some of the most popular.

  • Wadi: this is a variant of Wadee, a name that’s linked to the Arabic language, meaning “peaceful, calm”.
  • Wally: is a variant of Vallace or Wallace, meaning “foreigner”, also used as a diminutive of Walter.
  • Walter: comes from Germany and means “the commanding army”.
  • Waman: a Quechua male name that translates as “worship.”
  • Wamay: of Quechua origin, it means “the young man”.
  • Warui: of Kenyan origin in the Kikuyu language, it refers to the one that “comes from the river”.
  • Washington: this is an Anglo-Saxon name that means “place near the water”. It’s also the last name of the first president of the United States.
  • Wari: comes from Quechua, the one who is “protected by the gods”.
  • Warren: an English surname used as a name in various parts of the world. It’s said that he’s “the protector and faithful”.
  • Wataru: originally from Japan and means “navigation”.
  • Wayra: “faster than the wind” in the Quechua language.
  • Wenceslas: is a Slavic name that, according to beliefs, means “the most glorious”.
  • Wesley: of English origin, means “west prairie”.
  • Wiqar: of African origin, it represents “sobriety”.
  • Wilbur: is a variant of the Anglo-Saxon name Wilbert.
  • Wilfred: is “the one who wants peace”.
  • Wilfrid: comes from the union of the German words wil, which refers to “desire” and frid, which is “peace”.
  • William: is one of the most used names in England and means “the one who carries protection”.
  • Wilson: a German name, its diminutive is Willie and its meaning is “he who has defense”.
  • Winslow: from Anglo-Saxon, it means “flexible, intuitive”.
  • Winston: From the Old English word wynnstan meaning “stone of joy.”
  • Wiqar: this name is of Arab origin and it means “humility, dignity”.
  • Wissian: coming from the Anglo-Saxon, it means “the guide”.
  • Wit: from Poland, it means “life”.
  • Wyatt: a name formed from the English words wig, “war” and heard, “brave warrior”.
  • Wylie: of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “charming”.
  • Wyman: comes from Anglo-Saxon and its meaning is “protection from war”.
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What types of names do you prefer?

As we explained at the beginning of the article, there are many ways to start the process of choosing a name for your baby. Here, we’ve suggested a selection of boy names that start with the letter W and we hope you liked them! But you can also search by any other letter or by topics, such as flowers or fictional characters.

We hope you find the ideal name soon!

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