30 Names of Buddhist Origin for Baby Boys

If you're looking for a name that promotes tolerance and respect, we invite you to choose one of these names of Buddhist origin for boys.
30 Names of Buddhist Origin for Baby Boys

Last update: 26 November, 2021

Buddhism is the fourth most practiced religion in the world, which values well-being and spiritual peace. In fact, many Buddhist parents rely on inner peace and stability when choosing what to call their children. If you identify with these beliefs, then you can’t miss the following list with the 30 most peaceful names of Buddhist origin out there.

Names of Buddhist origin for babies, a gift with a lot of meaning

According to this religion, it’s important to believe in the exchange of influences, tolerance, union, and understanding. All these philosophical and spiritual teachings were discovered by the master Siddharta Gautama, better known as Buddha, who professed the different paths to achieve liberation and self-knowledge.

For this reason, most Buddhist names for boys refer to Sanskrit words linked to the principles and truths that govern this doctrine. Take a look!

A young Buddhist monk pouring water from a stream into a pot.

Buddhist names: From A to M

First, we’ll share some options that start with the first letters of the alphabet.

  • Buddha: means in Sanskrit “the enlightened, awake, intelligent”. It’s also the name that Prince Siddharta Gautama gave himself when he received “enlightenment” to create this religion.
  • Changchub: means “the awakening”.
  • Dharma: a unisex name, of Buddhist origin, which means “law or decree”.
  • Gelong: refers to the one who’s represented by the figure of a “monk”, as it symbolizes his patience.
  • Gyalwang: for a little one who’s considered from birth as “the king of winners”.
  • Gyelwa: in line with the previous option, it refers to the “winner”.
  • Jamgön: for the one who is “the joyous protector”.
  • Jetsun: refers to the “precious teacher”.
  • Karma: Buddhist term of Sanskrit origin that means “causality, the law of cause and effect, seed”.
  • Kyabje: means “the integral lord of protection”.
  • Legpa: refers directly to “the values of praise”, which denote spiritual connotations for the parents of faith.
  • Lingpa: this name contains a hidden meaning that’s most adventurous, as it symbolizes the “treasure hunter”.
  • Lobsang: refers to a quality that all parents yearn for in their little one, that he’s “polite”.
  • Loden: a precious name for that boy who’s destined to be “the wise man”.
  • Lopon: in line with the previous meaning, it refers to the “teacher”.

Buddhist names: From N to Z

If you’re still searching for the right name, have a look at the following options from the second half of the alphabet.

  • Norbu: a beautiful and very successful option to call a son, since it means “the precious one”.
  • Nüden: means “the influential”, as an example to others.
  • Nyinche: refers to the color “saffron yellow”. If this is the parents’ favorite shade, then it will be a perfect name.
  • Peljor: means “the glorious one”.
  • Ösel: an option that illuminates the paths wherever you go, as it refers directly to ” light”.
  • Rinpoche: means “the valuable one”.
  • Samten: an option that holds a value very literally related to Buddhism, as the “meditator” is known by this name.
  • Sengge: refers directly to the figure of the “lion” for his strength and bravery.
  • Shönu: for the one who will be forever “young”.
  • Taglha: as we read in the Canticles of Mahamudra, it refers directly to the “animal God”.
  • Tathagata: for the one “who’s known things as they are”.
  • Tharchin: means “the consummate”.
  • Thrinie: in line with the previous options, this option refers to the “enlightened activity” in the inner process that Buddhists perform.
  • Wangchug: a name with great force that means “the mighty man”.
  • Wanggyel: relative to the above option, this is the “name for powerful people”, chosen by parents for its strength.
A statue of Buddha creating a silhouette in front of the moon.

Peace has come into your life with these 30 names of Buddhist origin for baby boys

The king of your house will carry a meaning that’s full of spirituality that will accompany him throughout his life. Therefore, the final decision must be made by letting yourself be carried away by the positive values in which you believe.

There’s nothing better than opting for one of these options to call your future baby. Do you think the same? Which of them would you choose? Let us know!

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