30 Genderless Baby Names

Not sure what to call your future baby? Today, we'll offer you a variety of genderless baby names that you can choose from whether you're having a boy or a girl.
30 Genderless Baby Names
Elena Sanz Martín

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

This list of genderless names (or gender-neutral names) provides good options for those parents who don’t want to know the sex of their baby before its birth.

None of these options defines in advance whether the wearer is a boy or a girl and, therefore, they invite you to discover the uniqueness of each child beyond their sex.

Check out the list to see if you like any of them for your baby on the way? Take note!

Genderless names: A current trend

Current fashion trends seek to promote clothes that have no labels and can be used for both boys and girls.

In line with this trend towards a unisex world, many parents are committed to breaking down stereotypes and letting their children grow up in freedom. Likewise, they encourage their children to be the ones who decide on their own tastes, going beyond the traditions of society.

On the other hand, some parents choose these neutral names because they like the meanings or because they discover in them the essence that they want to transmit to their future baby.

No matter what the reason for their choices, these are great names and deserve to be considered among the options. We’ll present them below.

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Genderless Baby Names: A to M

  • Akira: This is one of the most popular Japanese names and its meaning is “clear, bright”.
  • Alex: This comes from Greek and represents the “defender”.
  • Andrea: Of Hebrew origin, with attributes of great beauty. Its male version is very common in Italy.
  • Blair: This name comes from a recognized Scottish surname and means “plain” or “field”. Although it was originally used for the male gender, today, it’s also used for the female.
  • Charlie: Of Germanic origin, it means “strong”.
  • Eider: This name comes from Basque and means “beautiful”.
  • Francis: Comes from Francisco or Francisca and it’s the Latin variant to define “a free man or woman”.
  • Gili: Means “my joy” in Hebrew.
  • Halley: This is an Anglo-Saxon name with the meaning of “sacred”. In addition, it also refers to a very famous comet.
  • Harper: Also of Anglo-Saxon origin, it refers to “the one who plays the harp”.
  • Itziar: This name comes from Basque and means “field of stars”. In Spain, it’s normally used for girls because of the Virgin of the Sanctuary (Guipúzcoa), but it’s also used for boys because of its meaning.
  • Jazz: As with the musical genre, its etymology isn’t entirely clear. For some, it comes from the African jaiza, which is “the one who seduces”. At the same time, it’s also related to the Arabic word that represents the “distant drum sounds”.
  • Joss: Derived from the Old German name Josse, which means “champion”. It’s usually feminine, but can also be a masculine name.
  • Kin: A Japanese name to symbolize the “golden color”.
  • Luan: Its meaning appears in the Bible and means “uprising”, although it’s also documented in the Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Language (DHLE) as a voice taken from the Mapuche.
  • Mel: This name comes from the Latin “honey in the field”.
  • Milan: Of Hindu origin, its meaning is “union”.
  • Morgan: Of Welsh origin and means “shining ocean”. For girls, it’s the diminutive of Morgana.

Genderless baby names: from N to Z

  • Naim: Of Arabic origin, it means “very beautiful person”.
  • Nayer: Although the origin of this name is unknown, experts associate it with the sun.
  • Noa or Noah: Of Hebrew origin, it means “rest, peace”.
  • Pau: Of Latin origin, a variant of Pablo in Catalan and of Paz in the feminine.
  • Remy: A French variant of Remo. This was used for the male gender by the figure who founded the Roman Empire, but today it’s unisex.
  • René: A French variant for “reborn”.
  • Robin: Derived from Roberto or Roberta, it’s a unisex name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means “illustrious”.
  • Sasha: Of Greek origin, it reflects the “protector”.
  • Sam: A diminutive of Samuel, which means “God listens to you”.
  • Sidney: This name means “wide meadow” and is of Anglo-Saxon origin.
  • Zoel: From Hebrew for the one who is a “son of Babel”.
  • Zuri: A Basque name that means “white”.
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What do you think about these genderless baby names?

Choosing the name of your future child isn’t always an easy task. What’s more, some parents prefer original options to make their little ones even more special.

If this is your goal, we suggest you choose a name that’s independent of the baby’s gender, and these options can help you find it. Have you fallen in love with any of them? If so, tell us which one in the comments.

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