30 Names of Cambodian Origin for Girls

Natural, simple and original. So are these different and little heard options in Western culture, which will attract the attention of future parents.
30 Names of Cambodian Origin for Girls

Last update: 28 October, 2021

Cambodian is one of the main Austro-Asian languages, with two main religions: Buddhism and Hinduism. This language is spoken in Cambodia and in countries like Thailand and Vietnam, but not only there. If you want to learn more about the traits of this exciting language, we’ll present you with 30 names of Cambodian origin for girls that may catch your attention.

They’re options with practicals meaning, related to the beauty that girls give off from birth. Others are linked to the very nature of the area, its religious beliefs, and the wishes of parents themselves for their daughters.

30 names of Cambodian origin for girls

The Cambodian language is called Mon-Khmer and belongs to a Malay language family related to Sanskrit.

As described by Albeiro Rodas, the creator of the first blog of the Kingdom of Cambodia, this is one of the oldest living languages in the world, descended from Sanskrit and Pali. In Spanish, it’s known as Khmer and it has the longest alphabet in the world, with 72 letters.

In addition, it has numerous dialects, but we’ve Latinized these options so that they’re phonetically adapted to our customs. Still, their meanings have the same Cambodian soul, which will undoubtedly make you fall in love. They all focus on the love, beauty, and blessing that come with the coming of a new girl into the world.

The sun setting over Cambodia.

Names of Cambodian origin: from A to M

  • Arunny: alluding to the “morning sun” that appears every day and illuminates the parents.
  • Boupha: for that little girl who is “like a flower”.
  • Botum: evokes what all parents think of their girl from birth, that she is their “princess“.
  • Champei: is the name given to “frangipani flowers”, whether they’re red or white.
  • Channary: means “moon face”. In this sense, it alludes to the beauty and luminosity of the girl’s face.
  • Chea: a perfect option to wish for “good health” for the new child.
  • Chenda: means “smart”.
  • Daevy: also, what all parents think of their baby, that she’s an “angel” from heaven.
  • Darareaksmey: “bright star”, and Dara can be used as a diminutive.
  • Jorani: refers to a “radiant jewel”.
  • Kiry: means “mountain”.
  • Kolab: alluding to the flower of the “rose”.
  • Maly: meaning “flourish”. In this sense, it’s a metaphor for life that’s just beginning.
  • Mealea: means “garland of flowers”. In addition, as described by the philologist Olga Moreno, there’s also an ancient temple by this name (the wildest in Cambodia). Although devoured by nature, it’s worth visiting due to the history it holds.

Names of Cambodian origin: from N to Z

  • Neary: means “gentle girl”.
  • Peou: is a unisex name for the one who is “the youngest child of the family”.
  • Pich: A short but radiant name. It alludes to a “diamond”.
  • Rachany: a perfect option to admire your little girl in the same way that you’re dazzled by the depth and tranquility of the “night”.
  • Rangsei: meaning “moonbeam”.
  • Samnang: for parents who want their little girl to be “lucky in life”.
  • Savady: a name that refers to the phonetics of the Thai greeting.
  • Sonisay: means “good first impression”.
  • Sopheap: for a girl who’s expected to be “nice”.
  • Srei: the meaning of this beautiful name couldn’t be more literal. Cambodian choices allude to everyday life, and Srei comes from “woman”.
  • Sokhanya: means “peaceful lady”.
  • Sorya: another option that praises the beauty of the great star that lights up the world. It means “sun”.
  • Sourkea: means ‘heaven’.
  • Tevy: with a variant of Teva, it’s the name that is also used for “angel”.
  • Vanna: meaning “golden”, it’s also unisex.
  • Veasna: refers to the good “destiny” that’s desired for the baby.
A man riding an elephant in Cambodia.

Let yourself be seduced by these names that allude to everyday life and the beauty of nature

As you’ve already seen, these options expressly refer to the beauty and qualities that parents want their daughters to have. They’re inspired by the flowers of the area, the stars, the moon, and the sun. That is, by their customs.

As a result, we have a variety of names with great originality, which aren’t usually heard in the West and refer to different people. If these requirements are what you were looking for, we hope that one of these alternatives has touched your heart.

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