30 Romanian Names for Girls

Delve into ruling castles, green meadows, and the fifth most spoken Romance language with these 30 Romanian names for girls.
30 Romanian Names for Girls
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 20 November, 2022

Romanian is one of the Indo-European languages belonging to the eastern branch of Romance languages. Historical sources mention that, centuries ago, the current Romanian territory bore the name of Dacia, but followed the process of Romanization typical of the Roman conquest. Today we want to share with you part of this culture so that your future girl can treasure it in her name. Come and discover 30 Romanian names for girls.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by these Romanian names for girls

A baby wearing a Romanian dress.

To this day, this Romance language is the fifth most widely spoken in the world and many parents choose names of Romanian origin for their daughters. Here are some options to tempt you to find yours.

From A to M

  • Anca: a Romanian diminutive of Hanna, which means “the grace of God”.
  • Brândușa: refers to “the saffron flower”.
  • Camelia: from Camelie, it’s adapted according to the Romanian spelling.
  • Codruta: Romanian forests have inspired beautiful poems, but they have also invited parents to create this nature-inspired name derived from the word codru or “forest”.
  • Cosmina: a name with a lot of faith, because it means “in solidarity with life, prayer, praise”.
  • Crina: comes from the “lily” flower. This type of name, according to experts in Travel Network, is very famous in Romania. In fact, Palm Sunday is called “The day of the flowers.” Therefore, it’s common for parents to choose options like these for their little ones.
  • Dochia: she was the daughter of the king of the Dacians, Decébalo. When the Roman emperor Trajan began to conquer Dacia, Dochia knew that she should marry him. For this reason, he decided to flee and seek refuge in the Carpathian area.
  • Doina: this name means “beautiful popular song”.
  • Jenica: means “God is merciful”.
  • Kinga: according to etymological analysis, it comes from an old Germanic surname that mixes the terms of Kuni and Gund. In this sense, the Romanian, Polish and Hungarian variant is Kinga, which means “bravery in war”.
  • Lenuta: derived from Ileana, which is a variant of Elena. In this sense, it refers to the “light of the torch”.
  • Luminite: composed of lumina (light) and a tiny suffix. Therefore, it means “low light”.
  • Ileana: derived from Helene, for which it means “resplendent”.
  • Ioana: comes from Vehohanan or Ioannes, which is “compassion for Yahweh”. There are also other variants like Oana.
  • Madalina: Romanian form of the Latin Madelina, which means “from Magdala” (the Jewish city where Mary Magdalene came from).
  • Mihaela: this name comes from my ka el, that is, “no one like God”.

From M to Z

  • Mircea: as an article published by the Higher Council for Scientific Research explains, Mircea is the eldest son of the great character from Romania: Dracula. It’s pronounced “Mirtcha” and is the variant of Miroslav, which means “glory in peace”. Despite its origin, we suggest that you offer a unisex character to give a new touch to your little girl’s name, from the hand of one of the most popular stories in the world.
  • Mirela: the Bulgarian and Romanian form of Mireille, meaning “to admire”.
  • Miruna: a Romanian name derived from the Slavic term mir, which means “peace”.
  • Narcissa: from the Latin Narcissa, possibly meaning “numbness, sleep”.
  • Nicoleta: from the Romanian Nicolae, which means “the victor of the people”.
  • Ozana: this is the name of a river in Moldova. Therefore, it refers to “the one that comes down from that river”.
  • Raluca: although its meaning is still being investigated, the truth is that its phonetic power is an option that characterizes “those who belong to a strong people”. In addition, it’s also an option that has become very popular in France.
  • Rodaca: a Romanian name derived from the Slavic word rod, which means “fertile”.
  • Romina: for “the one who comes from the land of Christians“.
  • Ruxandra: a variant of Roxana, which means “beautiful sunrise”.
  • Sanda: from Sandu, which means “defender of humanity”.
  • Sorina: Inspired by nature, comes from Sorin. In other words, the “sun”.
  • Violet: a Bulgarian and Romanian form of the Latin Viola, which is “the one that comes from the flower itself”.
  • Viorica: the Romanian feminine form of Viorel, meaning “bell”.
A woman wearing traditional Romanian dress.

Have any of these 30 Romanian names for girls captured your heart?

We hope that some of these options have touched your heart, as they come from one of the regions with the most history.

Without a doubt, Romania has been the crossing point for different travelers, with different thoughts and ways of seeing the world.

For this reason, calling your little girl by one of these names offers her multiculturalism and the opportunity to protect in her being the history of a beautiful language and people.

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