30 Baby Girl Names that Start With the Letter A

If you're expecting a baby, check out all these girl names that start with the letter A. You'll be filled with inspiration!
30 Baby Girl Names that Start With the Letter A

Last update: 23 July, 2021

Are you about to have a baby girl and don’t know what to name her? In the following article, you’ll find great ideas for girls’ names that start with the letter A that you probably haven’t thought of before.

A is the first letter of the alphabet and this vowel is the first initial of a host of precious names. We’ll share some of them with you and tell you what their meaning is. That way, you can choose the one you like the most. Grab a pen and paper and take note of your favorites.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

-Dale Carnegie-

What will you name your little one?

Pregnancy brings about a lot of emotions and changes. At the same time, you have to make a lot of important decisions, such as the name you’ll give your baby.

A woman touching her partner's pregnant belly.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the cutest baby girl names that start with the letter A. Below, you’ll find some unique names as well as a few tried and true classics. You’re sure to find the inspiration you’re looking for!

Girls’ names beginning with the letter A

  • Abigail: this is a Hebrew name, as she was the second wife of King David. It means, “The joy of the father”.
  • Adela or Adele: a name of Germanic origin meaning, “Noble”.
  • Adriana: a Latin name coming from Adrianus. It’s the gentile of the name of the city that gave its name to the Adriatic Sea. It means, “she who comes from the Adriatic Sea”.
  • Agatha: of Greek origin, it comes from the Greek agathê; its meaning is, “Kind”.
  • Aida: a name of Arabic origin whose meaning is, “Distinguished.” Or, “Generous”.
  • Ainhoa: this is a name of Basque origin meaning, “She of the fertile land”.
  • Aitana: this is the Basque form of the name Gloria.
  • Alba: this Latin name comes from albus. Its meaning is, “White, with white hair and light skin”. In Spanish, it means, “Sunrise”. Or “Dawn”.
  • Alejandra: a Greek name, meaning, “He who defends men”. It was Latinized in Alexander, which is a composition of the words defender and man.
  • Alma: of Latin origin, it means “Kind and Gentle”. Or, “All spirituality”. In Spanish, it means, “Soul”.
  • Anna: this is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “Compassionate” and “Merciful”.
  • Andrea: this comes from andrós, “Courageous and brave”. In English, it’s the feminine form of Andrew, although in Italy it’s a masculine name.
  • Aurora: this is a name of Latin origin that alludes to the dawn.

More of our favorite girls’ names that begin with the letter A

  • Abril, Avril, or April: these names are of Latin origin coming from Aprilis, the name of the month of April.
  • Ada: the short form of Adelaide, which is of Germanic origin and means, “Of noble lineage”.
  • Adara: derived from the Hebrew Adar-a, the most beautiful. It means, “Beauty”.
  • Aixa: this is a name of Arabic origin meaning, “Vital”. Or, “Active woman”.
  • Akene: this is a name of Japanese origin meaning, “She who is beautiful like a plant that shines in the sun”. Although many Japanese language experts prefer to translate it as, “Plant that shines under the sun”.
  • Akela: this curious name is the Hawaiian form of Adela.
  • Alexia: this is a name that’s said to have Slavic and Greek origins. It means, “The protector”. Or “Protective”. Or “Defensive person”. Because of this, it’s given a meaning of spiritual strength and great will.
  • Altair: this name’s of Arabic origin and means, “Bird”.
  • Altea or Althea: A Greek name meaning, “Healthy”.
  • Amara: this name of Greek origin comes from the amaranth flower and means, “Eternal life”.
  • Amina: this name’s of Arabic origin that means, “Loyal”. And, “Believer”.
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More favorites to consider

  • Anthea of Antia: a Greek name with the meaning, “Flowery”.
  • Arlet: this is a name of Hebrew origin meaning, “Lion of God”. Or, “Altar of God”. It’s a variant of the Norman French name Arlette.
  • Artemis: In Greek mythology, she’s the goddess of hunting in the forests. She’s also the goddess of the moon.
  • Ava: of Hebrew origin, it’s an English variant of Eve and means, “To give life”.
  • Aysel: Turkish origin; it means, “Like the moon”.
  • Azul: Persian origin; it alludes to the color blue and evokes gentleness and kindness.

If you like the first letter of the alphabet and you’re about to have a baby girl, we hope that you’ve found the name you like within this list. A name is an inheritance that you’ll leave to your little girl and that will mark her significantly. Which ones do you like most?

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