45 Unusual Baby Names for Your Baby

Looking for an original name for your little one? Today, we'll help you with this difficult decision by suggesting some unusual baby names. Take note!
45 Unusual Baby Names for Your Baby

Last update: 02 August, 2021

If you’re about to become a mom, one of the most exciting topics and one that’s most discussed is what to name your baby. Couples often have a hard time agreeing and the options are so numerous that it’s hard to decide on one. If you’re one of those who think that originality should come before everything else, here are some of our favorite unusual names for your baby.

Below, we’ll give you some unconventional options and we’ll tell you the meaning of each one of them. That way, you can also check if you identify with their origin and if you want your little one to carry that name for the rest of their life. Are you ready? Then grab a pen and paper to write down your favorites.

Some unusual baby names for your little one

If you’re undecided, lack inspiration, and don’t know what to name your baby, relax! You’ve come to the right place. We’ve brought you some unusual proposals that are sure to inspire. We’ll divide them between boy and girl names to make it easier for you to identify them.

“There are two lasting legacies that we can leave for our children. One, roots. The other, wings”

William Hodding Carter

Expecting a girl? Check out these unusual baby names

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  • Andra: A name of Greek origin used in some European countries and Russia. It translates as “strong and brave”. It’s also used in the United States as a variant of the masculine Andrew.
  • Aneu: Is of Basque and Celtic origin. At the same time, it refers to the virgin of Aneu, located in the village of Guingueta de Aneu, in Pallars Sobirà (Catalonia, Spain). It refers to an idealistic girl who’s a nature lover and a bit solitary.
  • Arlette: A name of Hebrew origin meaning “altar of God”.
  • Becca: A diminutive of Rebecca, of Hebrew origin. It means “charming”.
  • Bethania: Also of Hebrew origin. It’s the name of an ancient village in Palestine.
  • Brisa: A sweet name of Latin origin; a shortened version of Briseida. In Spanish, it means “breeze”.
  • Bruna: A name of Germanic origin, the feminine version of Bruno. It’s translated as “brown-skinned”.
  • Cara: Another name of Italian origin with a precious meaning: “Beloved”.
  • Cassandra: Means “sister of men”. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the sister of Hector and Paris and was endowed with the gift of prophecy.
  • Damara: Of Greek origin, it’s the name of an ancient fertility goddess related to the month of May.
  • Dana: A unisex name of Hebrew origin. It translates as “she who is good at judging”.
  • Elicia: Of Latin origin, it means “she who attracts the rays of heaven”. It’s the nickname of Jupiter in the Roman language.
  • Faina: This is s a name of Greek origin whose meaning is “resplendent, splendid, brilliant”. At the same time, on the Canary Islands, it means “the favorite”. She’s the queen of Lanzarote Island and the mother of Princess Ico.

More unusual baby names for girls

  • Gadea: A name of Basque origin that means “good, kind”.
  • Grecia: This girl’s name is associated with “she who comes from Greece”.
  • Isla: A name of Scottish origin. It’s translated as “queen of the Hebrides”. In Spanish, it means “island”.
  • Juno: This name has its origin in Roman mythology. It translates as “young woman”.
  • Larisa: This is a satellite of Neptune, whose name comes from Larisa, heroine lover of Poseidon, god of the seas.
  • Malva: This name comes from Latin and is the name of a flower, the same plant that’s used to make marshmallows.
  • Opal: Has a Hindu origin. It translates as “precious stone”.
  • Quiana: Of Hawaiian origin, a variant of Kiana or Diana. It’s also the name of the Roman goddess of hunting.
  • Umay: Of Turkish origin; it means “hope”.
  • Zuri: Of Swahili origin. It translates as “good, beautiful”.

Expecting a baby boy? Check out these unusual baby names:

  • Aran: A Basque word meaning “valley”.
  • Axel: A name of Scandinavian, Danish, or German origin meaning “universal fighter”.
  • Basil: Derived from the Greek name Basileios. It translates as “king”.
  • Cyrus: Of Persian origin, meaning “young man”. It was also the name of several kings of Persia.
  • Dante: Of Latin origin; it means “enduring, enduring”.
  • Elian: Of Greek origin. It also refers to Helios, the sun god.
  • Fionn: A name of Irish origin. It translates as “fair, white”.
  • Goran: A name of Norwegian origin. It translates as “mountain man”.
  • Ivar: A name of Viking origin meaning “archer”.
  • Kuno: A name of Germanic origin. It translates as “clan, family”.
  • Lavi: This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “lion”.
  • Mael: A name of Celtic origin. It translates as “prince”.
  • Milo: This name’s of Germanic origin and means “he who is pleasant”.
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More names for your child

  • Nil: The Catalan form of “Nile”, which comes from the Greek Neilos. It also refers to the name of the great African river, whose meaning is “life that emanates from God”.
  • Orson: A name of Latin origin meaning “bear”.
  • Runar: A name of Icelandic origin meaning “mystery of God, secret, warrior”.
  • Sasha: This is the Russian hypocoristic of Alexander. It translates as “protector or conqueror of men”.
  • Umi: A name of Native American origin meaning “life”.
  • Vico: The Italian form of the name Victor.
  • Waldo: Of Germanic origin. It translates as “ruler, leader”.
  • Xan: A name of Galician origin, it’s a variant of John. It translates as “Yahweh, God has pity”.

Surely one of these unusual baby names has seduced you, hasn’t it? Although some of them have started to become popular in recent years, most of them aren’t well known and are very original.

If you’re one of those people who like to stand out from the rest, you’ll surely find here a perfect alternative to name your son or daughter. Have you already picked one out?

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