59 Boy Names that Start With the Letter E

Are you pregnant? Today, we bring you some boy names that start with the letter E. We hope they'll inspire you!
59 Boy Names that Start With the Letter E

Last update: 16 March, 2022

If you’re expecting a baby and don’t know what you’re going to name them, you may be interested in our exquisite selection of boy names that start with the letter E.

We know how difficult it is to find one that that really catches your heart, so we’ve set ourselves to the task of suggesting a few that begin with this vowel. Will you join us in the search?

Some boy names that start with the letter E

When a pregnancy arrives, one of the big milestones parents must overcome is finding a name for their baby. There are those who go for traditional options and others who like more modern ones. There are those inspired by the sea or by a letter of the alphabet, like what we propose today. Shall we get started?

Names that start with the letter E

1- Eames: this is a name of Irish origin that means “uncle’s son”.

2- Ean: variant of Ian, which is John and means “God is merciful”.

3- Earl: this name comes from the Old English eorl, which means “warrior”.

4- Edan: this is a name of Irish origin, variant of Aidan and means “fire, burning”.

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5- Edel: a name of Germanic origin, meaning “noble”.

6- Eder: this beautiful name of Basque origin means “handsome”.

7- Edgar: this name of Polish origin means “defends his lands with a spear”.

8- Edison: of English origin, it means “son of Edward”.

9- Edric: this is a name of English origin. It means “prosperous ruler”.

10- Edris: the meaning of this Welsh name is “lord”.

11- Edwin: it’s also of English origin and means “rich friend”.

12- Ephraim: name of Hebrew origin, whose meaning is “fruitful, fertile”.

13- Egon: name of Germanic origin, it means “strong with the sword”.

14- Einar: name derived from the Old Norse Einarr, meaning “one warrior”.

15- Eitan: Hebrew variant of Ethan, meaning “strong, firm”.

16- Ekaitz: if you like this name, you should know that it’s of Basque origin and means “storm”.

17- Elian: is a name of Greek origin that refers to Helios, the sun god.

18- Elias: this is a Spanish variant of Elijah.

19- Eligio: comes from Eloy, which means “chosen”.

20- Elijah: also of Hebrew origin, it means “Jehovah is God”.

21- Elikai: beautiful Hawaiian variant of Elisha.

22- Elisha: name of Hebrew origin which means “God is my salvation”.

23- Elixi: this is the Basque equivalent of Elisha.

24- Elliot: this is a name that means “God on high”.

25- Ellis: name of Welsh origin that means “benevolent”.

26- Elmer: this is a name of English origin and means “noble, renewed”.

27- Elmo: this is a beautiful name of Italian origin. It means “protector”.

28- Elon: of Hebrew origin, it means “oak tree”.

29- Eloy: this is also a name of Latin origin, meaning “chosen”.

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30- Elton: another name of English origin meaning “of the old people”.

31- Émile: this is the French variant of Emilio.

32- Emiliano: of Latin origin, it means “working man”.

33- Emilio: this name means “rival”.

34- Emiri: Basque equivalent of Emilio, which was used in the Middle Ages.

35- Emmanuel: it means “God is with us”.

36- Emmet: name of Hebrew origin meaning “truth”.

37- Emo: unisex name coming from emotional, meaning emotional.

38- Emyr: name of Welsh origin, meaning “king”.

39- Ender: a name of Turkish origin, meaning “very rare”.

40- Ennio: name of Italian origin, meaning “predestined”.

41- Enoch: name of Hebrew origin, meaning “dedicated”.

42- Enrico: this is the Italian variant of Enrique.

43- Enrique: means “strong, rich and powerful house”.

44- Enzo: Italian name meaning “the lord of his home or homeland”.

45- Eritz: is a medieval Basque name, coming from the Latin Felix.

46- Ermes: variant of Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.

47- Ernesto: is of Germanic origin, meaning “he who fights to conquer”.

48- Erwin: also of Germanic origin, it means “respected friend”.

49- Esteban: name meaning “crowned”.

50- Ethan: a name of Hebrew origin, it means “strong”.

51- Étienne: this is the French variant of Esteban.

52- Etor: Basque name celebrating the coming of God

53- Euken: Basque equivalent of Eugene.

54- Eugene: also of Greek origin, meaning “the well-born”.

55- Evan: Welsh variant of John, meaning “God is merciful”.

56- Everett: English: a name of Germanic origin consisting of the elements eber “wild boar” + hard “brave, hardy, strong”.

57- Ewan: Scottish form of the Gaelic Eoghan, meaning “born of the yew tree”.

58- Ezio: also a name of Greek origin, meaning “eagle”.

59- Ezra: means “help” in Hebrew.

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Did you like these boy names beginning with the letter E? We hope you did. If you’ve chosen any of them, let us know in the comments.

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