9 Boy Names of Valencian Origin

Do you feel that a part of your heart is in the coastal lands of Spain? If so, you'll love these 9 boy names of Valencian origin.
9 Boy Names of Valencian Origin

Last update: 11 October, 2022

The lands of the Cid Campeador are coming back to help you in this fantastic journey. If you feel a special passion for the language, culture and wonderful intonation of this region, look no further and opt for one of these boy names of Valencian origin.

Below, we’ll explain a little bit about the history of Valencian and we’ll share with you some of its proper names. Either because they’re Valencian variants or because they originate purely from these regions.

Valencian, a language with history and charm

Valencian is the dialect spoken in Valencia and in a small region located in the province of Murcia. In fact, as stated in the Statute of Autonomy, it’s considered an official language and everyone has the right to know and use it.

However, some philologists and linguists maintain the hypothesis that Valencian and Catalan are more closely linked than is actually thought. For this reason, some of the boy names that we’ll point out below share very similar roots, but differ in their intonation and pronunciation. So it’s vital that you be attentive to the small details to respect their originality.

A fountain in Valencia.

Choose one of these 9 boys’ names of Valencian origin

According to María Martina Casullo, PhD in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires:

“The chosen name creates a future representation of both the baby and the adults and, in this sense, it constitutes an indicator of mature developmental achievements, as a result of the transition process to parenthood.”

1. Bertomeu

This is a variation in Valencian of an Aramaic name that means, literally, “son of Talmay or Tolmay”. In this context, Talmay or Tolmay could be the Hebrew adaptations of the Greek name Tolomeu, which represents one of the twelve apostles of Jesus who preached in Armenia.

2. Felo

This isn’t a very popular name, but is often used nowadays as a pseudonym for Rafael. It’s the diminutive of Rafel, which is the Valencian variant of Rafael, with the meaning of “God heals”.

3. Joanot, one of the most widespread boys’ names of Valencian origin in Spain

In line with the previous name, this would be the variant of Juan, with the hidden meaning of “God has forgiven”.

At present, according to data collected in the Geneanet, it’s possible to appreciate its use in various parts of the Valencian Community, in some areas of Catalonia, and in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

4. Lleobí

This is the Valencian form of Leobino, a compound name of Germanic origin that means “beloved, dear, and friend”.

5. Tiano, one of the most original boy’s names of Valencian origin

This is another very original and rare option. According to its etymological origin, it’s the endearing diminutive of Sebastià, a name that alludes to the man who is “worthy of respect, venerable”.

6. Giner

Although in the Valencian Community it’s very common to find Giner as a surname, the truth is that it’s also a unisex first name. In other words, it can be used for both girls and boys. Its translation is “January”.

7. Rafel

In line with the diminutive of Felo, we can’t overlook this option that sounds so exotic. As we’ve already mentioned, Rafel is the Valencian adaptation of the Hebrew name Rafael.

8. Vicent

Vicente, in its most etymological sense, is a proper name of Latin origin: Vincentius. It comes from the word vincens, which directly alludes to “the one who conquers”.

In this sense, it’s especially important in this coastal area, as Vicent Ferrer (Spanish Dominican, thaumaturge, preacher, logician, and philosopher) became the main patron saint of the city and kingdom of Valencia just after his canonization.

9. Cristófol

This is the Valencian adaptation of Cristóbal, although it can also be found in Catalan. It alludes to the one who is the “bearer of Christ”.

According to tradition, St. Christopher was the son of a supposed Canaanite king of the third century who was converted to Christianity by a hermit saint. Therefore, throughout his life, he devoted himself to serving God and helping travelers pass a river (similar to Charon’s boat in Greek tradition).

A square in Valencia with a fountain in the middle of it.

Boy names of Valencian origin are knocking at your door… Will you decide to open it?

Did you feel your heart racing when you read the meaning of one of these names of Valencian origin for boys? If so, and a feeling of love, longing, or gratitude has arisen inside you, you have probably discovered the right one.

So? Which of these wonderful and historical options would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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