42 Baby Names Inspired by the Sea

Are you looking for a fresh and original baby name? Perhaps one of the names inspired by the sea that we'll present here will convince you.
42 Baby Names Inspired by the Sea

Last update: 27 June, 2022

More and more mothers and fathers are looking to get away from the traditional when choosing the perfect name for their future child. Is this your case? A good option to achieve this is to opt for names inspired by a specific theme. With that in mind, we want to share this list of names inspired by the sea.

If you love everything related to the maritime world, surely you’ll like some of the names that we’ll present to you in the article below. Take note!

“The sea moves the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.”


A newborn baby girl dressed as a mermaid.

The 42 best baby names inspired by the sea

Next, we’ll present 42 baby names inspired by the sea, divided into two groups: For girls and for boys. In addition, we’ll tell you what the meaning of each of them is. You may find the ideal name for your baby in this list!

  1. Bahari: In the Swahili language, it refers to the depth and beauty of the ‘ocean’.
  2. Briseida: this is a name of Greek origin that means ‘gentle wind on the sea’. The short form of this name is Brisa.
  3. Coral: this is a name of Latin origin that refers to the well-known marine animals that live attached to the rocks at the bottom of the sea. Its literal meaning is ‘the beauty of coral’.
  4. Daria: in Persian, it refers directly to the ‘sea’.
  5. Delmare: this is a compound name in French to define the little one that comes ‘from the sea’.
  6. Dipsi: in the Bislama language, this name refers to the ‘ocean’ itself.
  7. Doria or Dorian: comes from Greek and defines the little one that comes ‘from the sea’.
  8. Eldoris: along the same line as the previous option, it’s a derivative that comes from the same Hellenistic root.
  9. Galia: a Hebrew word to refers to the ‘waves of the sea’.
  10. Greta: is a name of German origin that can be translated as ‘pearl’ and refers to the precious stone found in oysters. Other variants of this name are Gretta and Gretel.

Names for girls: from H to Z

  1. Itziar: its origin is Basque and it means ‘the one who loves the sea’ or ‘the one who looks at the sea from above’.
  2. Marella: is a name of Irish origin whose meaning is ‘bright sea’.
  3. Maureen: a name of Irish origin used to make references to ‘starfish’.
  4. Meredith: comes from the Celtic culture and refers to the ‘guardian of the sea’.
  5. Moana: is a name of Maori origin that can be literally translated as ‘ocean’ or ‘deep sea’.
  6. Nahla: a name of Arabic origin that means ‘drink of the sea’.
  7. Nerea: in Greek, this is the one ‘who commands the sea’. Undoubtedly, a very powerful option that parents will fall in love with.
  8. Samudra: a name with great character of Indonesian origin that means ‘ocean’.
  9. Sirena: the Spanish word for mermaid. Its origin is Greek and refers to mythological beings that are half human and half fish. Its literal meaning is ‘lovely’.
  10. Ula: is a Celtic name whose meaning is ‘jewel of the sea’. Other variants are Eula, Ulla, Ulli, and Yulla.
  11. Zale: this is a name of Greek origin that refers to the ‘force of the sea’.
  1. Azariel: is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘the one who reigns over the waters’ or ‘the one who dominates the waters’.
  2. Boreal: alludes to the ‘extinct ocean’.
  3. Brishon: for that little one who is ‘born in the rain’. Without a doubt, a precious option to be taken into account by parents.
  4. Clarion: named for the ‘submarine fracture zone’.
  5. Dolphin: comes from Latin and refers to the marine animal with the same name.
  6. Denis: a name of Turkish origin used to refer to the ‘children of the sea’.
  7. Delmar: is a name that comes from French whose etymological meaning is ‘sailor’.
  8. Dylan: is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin whose meaning is ‘son of the sea’.
  9. Glan: in Welsh, it means ‘from the shore’. In this way, a very special and original short name is achieved.
  10. Jaladri: a Sudanese name meaning ‘ocean’.

Names for boys: from K to Z

  1. Kai: its origin is Hawaiian and literally means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’.
  2. Lotán: a name of the Aramaic dialect with which they referred to a powerful marine being.
  3. Merlin: comes from the Welsh Myrddin, which can be etymologically interpreted as ‘fortress of the sea’.
  4. Morgan: is a name of Celtic origin that means ‘the man of the sea’.
  5. Murdoch: alludes directly to the ‘protector of the sea’.
  6. Neptune: is the Roman God of the waters, the one who manages the seas with his trident.
  7. Num: an Egyptian name with which they referred in ancient times to the god of the ocean.
  8. Pontius: comes from the Latin pontus, which can be translated as ‘sea’. Other variants of this name are Pons, Pontius, and Pontus.
  9. Poseidon: is a name of Greek origin that means ‘lord of the waters’. According to Greek mythology, this is the name given to the god of the seas.
  10. Solomon: a fancy name used to refer to ‘undersea ridges’.
  11. Yohei: comes from Japanese and means ‘flat sea’.
Baby in a mermaid costume.

Why choose baby names inspired by the sea?

The sea transmits peace, tranquility, serenity, harmony, and, of course, happiness. It invites many people to unwind and relax and to get away from the problems of everyday life. It’s a magical place, full of life and energy.

In fact, Jules Verne, lover of water and writer of such famous works as Journey to the Center of the Earth said:

“The sea is the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence.”

Choosing a name inspired by the sea for your baby can be a beautiful tribute to this miracle of nature, to those waters that fill life with joy and good times. In addition, in this way, your little one will always be somehow connected to the maritime world.

What do you think of the idea? Do you dare to give your future child one of the names that we’ve just proposed?

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