45 Boy Names that Start with the Letter G

If you're expecting a baby and you still can't decide what you're going to name him, look at these boy names that start with the letter G.
45 Boy Names that Start with the Letter G

Last update: 10 May, 2022

If you’re about to have a baby, surely you’re experiencing one of the most beautiful moments of your life. However, there are many questions and concerns that can keep you up at night, right? Let us help you with these suggestions for boy names that start with the letter G.

We’ll tell you what their meanings are and where each of them comes from so you can think about them quietly and see how they sound when you put them together with your last name.

Find a name for your baby using the letters of the alphabet

Until it’s time to see your baby’s face, you’ll be immersed in the preparations to receive him. Surely you’ve already imagined what he’ll be like and you really want to hold him in your arms.

If you’re still not sure what you’re going to name him, we’d like to give you some ideas with these boy names that start with the letter G. We’ve found a lot of options that will fit your tastes. Some are more traditional, while others are inspired by literature, food, or the universe.

Let’s start with this list of names selected by your favorite letter of the alphabet. Are you ready?

Some names for boys that start with the letter G

Gabriel: a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘the strength and power of God’.

Gabin: the French variant of Gabino, whose origin is Latin. Responds to the name of Gabii, an Italian town in Lazio.

Gadiel: a name of Hebrew origin, which means ‘God is my fortune’.

Gael: is a name of Breton origin, which represents the ‘generous’.

Gaelan: a variant of Galen. Of Greek origin, it means ‘healer’.

Gaetano: an Italian name meaning ‘coming from the city of Gaeta.’

Gahan: a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is ‘the Lord is merciful’.

Gaines: a name of English origin. It represents ‘cunning’.

Gal: of Hebrew origin, it means ‘wave’.

Galileo: of Italian origin, for he who comes ‘from Galilee’.

Galvin: a name of Irish origin, which means ‘sparrow’.

Gan: this is a variant of Gannon, of Irish origin, and means ‘light-skinned and fair-haired’.

Gar: a diminutive of Gardner, which in English means ‘keeper of the garden or gardener’.

Gareth: a name of Welsh origin that means ‘gentle’.

A baby boy wearing suspenders and holding a straw hat.
Go for that name that makes your pulse race just by hearing it out loud.

More names for boys that start with the letter G!

Gari: this is a name of Basque origin, and it means ‘wheat’.

Garret: this is an Irish variant of Gerardo.

Gaspar: a name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘the one who keeps the goods of God’.

Gaston: this name is of French origin and means ‘foreigner’.

Gautam: is of Sanskrit origin. This is one of the names of Buddha.

Gautier: a French name of Germanic origin, meaning ‘ruler of the army’.

Gavin: a name of Celtic origin, which represents the ‘white falcon’.

Geb: is the Egyptian god of the earth.

Gene: a diminutive of Eugene, a name of Greek origin that means ‘the well-born’.

Gentzen: this is also a name of Basque origin. It represents the ‘family’ or ‘the lineage’.

Geoffrey: this is a name of French origin meaning ‘pledge of peace’.

George: this is the English variant of Jorge. Its meaning is ‘farmer’.

Gerardo: a name of Germanic origin for a ‘brave warrior’.

Gerd: this name is of Scandinavian origin. Its meaning is ‘strength’.

Germán: this name represents the one who is a ‘warrior’.

More names for your baby that start with the letter G

Geronimo: a Native American name, although its origin is Greek. It’s a variant of Jerome, ‘sacred name’.

Gerson: a Hebrew name, a variant of Gershom meaning ‘strange, unknown’.

Gian: this is the Italian variant of John, it means ‘God is merciful’.

Gianluca: this is an Italian name that’s made up of Gian (‘God is merciful’) and Luca (‘he who enlightens’).

Gibson: means ‘son of Gilberto’.

Gideon: a name of Hebrew origin, whose meaning is ‘settler’.

Gilberto: of Germanic origin, it represents the ‘bright promise’.

Gilem: this is the Basque variant of William and Guillermo.

Gizon: a Basque name meaning ‘man, male’.

Gonzalo: this very popular name means ‘one who’s willing to fight’.

Goran: a Slavic-derived name meaning ‘mountain man’.

Gorka: this is the Basque variant of Jorge, which represents the ‘farmer, a man who works the land’.

Grazian: this is a Basque name of Latin origin and it means ‘pleasant’.

Guido: of Latin origin, it means ‘wood’.

Guren: this name is a Basque word that means ‘beautiful’, although it’s also given the meaning of ‘holy’.

Gustavo: of Swedish origin, for the ‘guardian of the Goths’.

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Your baby’s name should be cute, harmonious, and go well with their parents’ surnames.

We hope that with these boy names that begin with the letter G, you’ve found the inspiration you were looking for. Remember that this is one of the most important gifts you will give your child. One so special that it will accompany you forever wherever you go.

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