31 Czech Names for Girls

Do you have a passion for this beautiful country? If so, then pay attention to these Czech names for girls. You're sure to love them!
31 Czech Names for Girls

Last update: 03 June, 2022

Whether you have family in this wonderful country, your roots and lineage come from there, or because you feel a special bond with the Czech Republic, don’t miss the following list of the 31 best names of Czech origin for girls.

Their deep and beautiful meanings will captivate your heart completely. We invite you to discover them!

A definitive list of the best names of Czech origin for girls

As the guide to the country prepared by the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Prague shows, the birth rate of the Czech Republic is approximately 8 points.

Undoubtedly, this European country has many alternatives to offer. For this reason, if you want to find out what options parents in this land are considering when deciding what to name their little heiress, take note.

A pregnant woman wearing a red jacket and grey mittens.
If you’re expecting a girl, let yourself be enchanted by this list of Czech names for girls.

Names of Czech origin for girls: from A to L

  • Alzbeta: this is the Czech variant of the Spanish name Isabel. In this sense, its meaning is the same, ‘God is my oath’.
  • Aneshka: this is the variant of the Hebrew name Ana.
  • Aneta: along the same lines as the previous option, this name also comes from Ana. Therefore, it means ‘grace, favor’.
  • Anezka: this is the Czech variant of Agnes. Therefore, it symbolizes the ‘lamb of God’.
  • Belia: alludes to the purity of the color ‘white’.
  • Branka: refers directly to ‘the defense of glory’.
  • Danka: means ‘gift of God’. For this reason, it’s a name quite chosen by Czech parents, as it symbolizes the coming of a new gift to the family.
  • Darina: this is the feminine variant of Darius. Therefore, it alludes to ‘he who is the possessor of goods’.
  • Fiala: refers to ‘violet’.
  • Jirina: refers to ‘farmer’.
  • Kalina: this is the name of a flower native to these lands.
  • Krasna: for the little girl who will be forever ‘beautiful’.
  • Lexa: this is one of the variants of Alejandra. Therefore, it means ‘defender of humanity’.
  • Libuse: this is a mythological name that alludes to ‘love’.
  • Liddy: to refer to one who ‘comes from Lidia’.

Names of Czech origin for girls: from M to Z

  • Marenka: alludes to a ‘bitter’ taste. Therefore, it’s a fun and refreshing option.
  • Milada: this name has one of the most beautiful meanings of this list, ‘my love’.
  • Milanka: alludes to the one who’s ‘favored’ in everything she sets her mind to. Undoubtedly, a great way to symbolize luck and good fortune from parents to children.
  • Miluska: this is a Czech diminutive of the name Milena.
  • Mirka: to refer to the little one who is ‘quiet’.
  • Otka: for the one who will be forever ‘lucky’.
  • Olexa: along the same line as other options already mentioned, this is another very original variant of Alejandra.
  • Raina: this is how the ‘queen’ of the house is recognized in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Russia.
  • Rusalka: a clear mythological allusion to the ‘wood sprite’.
  • Ruza: for the one who possesses the beauty of the ‘rose’.
  • Svetla: symbolizes a ‘gift’ for the family.
  • Triska: refers to the ‘splinter’ of wood.
  • Vendula: this is the diminutive of the Czech name Václava, which alludes to the patron saint of the Czech Republic and means ‘more glory’.
  • Vondra: this is the feminine variant to refer to a girl who is ‘brave’.
  • Zdenka: expressly alludes to the ‘woman of Sidon’. Therefore, it honors an important and ancient Phoenician city located in Lebanon.
  • Zorka: refers to a ‘faint light, a little twinkle’. Simply put, it perfectly describes what any parent feels when seeing their little one for the first time.
A view of the city of Prague.
The cityscapes of Prague can delight you with their original names.

Choose one of these names of Czech origin for girls and you won’t regret it

Are you expecting a little warrior girl? Do you think about what her little face will look like when you see her for the first time and are filled with deep happiness when you do? If so, we invite you to let your heart guide you and choose one of these options. Because, undoubtedly, they’re original and have pure meanings that bless new life.

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