Welsh Names for Girls

If you're looking for magical, traditional names with a deep meaning, don't miss today's list of Welsh names for girls.
Welsh Names for Girls
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

If you’re pregnant and are looking forward to the arrival of a little queen to your home, then you can’t miss the following list with the best 30 names of Welsh origin for girls. You’ll be dazzled by their mythological and magical meanings.

Do you want to know what options we’ll suggest this time? Pay attention to each of them.

Welsh Names for Girls

Welsh is a Celtic language belonging to the Indo-European family. According to linguistic experts in the area, the number of knowledgeable speakers of the language reaches 600,000, and these are mainly found in Wales, west of Great Britain.

As you can expect, many of the Welsh names share their origin with other names of Celtic origin and this makes them similar to Gaelic or Scottish. Therefore, in this list, you can find options in old Welsh as well as more modern ones. Take note!

A fairy and a bunch of butterflies flying at sunrise.

Welsh names: A to I

  • Aderyn: means “bird” in Welsh. Also, it’s a modern name.
  • Arián: refers to the “silver metal”.
  • Awen: for the one who is a “muse” for everyone around her.
  • Briallen: comes from the Welsh term briallu, which means “spring”.
  • Caron: for those who are “loving, with a good heart”. In this sense, Carys is also derived from the Welsh caru (love) and it’s a relatively modern Welsh name, in common use only since the middle of the 20th century.
  • Ceinwen: means “precious stone”. Ceinwin is one of its many variants.
  • Ceridwen: literally means something like “blessed poetry”, as it comes from cerdd (poetry) and Gwen (white, blessed). Also, according to sources, this is also the name of a Celtic goddess of poetry.
  • Dee: refers to the “darkness” itself, deep and mysterious.
  • Dilys: a name meaning “perfect, honest”.
  • Elin: a mythological name meaning, “nymph”.
  • Ellyllon: in Wales, the ellyllon are small elves who live in the woods.
  • Ferrishyn: means “the one who’s strong and sweet at the same time”. In this sense, she’s a fairy of wisdom, protector of people.
  • Gladis: comes from gwladys, who is the “governor of a great territory”.
  • Guinerve: refers to the one that is “soft, tender”.
  • Gundelina: means “the one with the white circle or the one with white eyelashes”.
  • Gwyllion: refers to “twilight”. In addition, it’s also a fairy that lives in the Welsh mountains.

Welsh names: J to Z

  • Jennifer: This name comes from Gwenhwyfar, which means “white as the foam of the sea”.
  • Keyna: means “gem, precious stone”.
  • Linette: in Welsh, unlike French, it means “idol”.
  • Morgan: a most natural name, as it alludes to the “shore”.
  • Non: may possibly mean “nun”. This was the name of the mother of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales.
  • Oiwyna: “white footprint”.
  • Rhian: a diminutive of the name Rhiannon, for the “great queen”. In Welsh mythology, she was the goddess of fertility and the moon.
  • Rhonda: the meaning of this name is “good spear”. As the name became popular in the 20th century, it’s very likely that it also comes from the river Rhondda itself.
  • Sia: “cool, cold”.
  • Sian: Welsh variant of Juana, expressly alluding to “God’s mercy”.
  • Tesni: a name that idolizes “the heat of the Sun”.
  • Vanora: “white wave”.
  • Winifred: for the one who carries with her the “holy peace”.
  • Wynne: perfect for those who are “fair, pure”.
A tree trunk turned into a home.

Names of Welsh origin for girls, the most magical options

We hope you’ve fallen in love with these options of Welsh origin that respect the culture of an island full of magic. We’ve Latinized them a little in terms of their spelling, but others we’ve left as they are in order to maintain their originality.

Without a doubt, with a name like this, you can be sure that your daughter will be remembered by everyone. So, we hope you’ve been fascinated by these options as much as we have. Have any of them touched your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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