30 Turkish Names for Girls

Start a journey that you won't forget. We'll help you find the perfect name for your baby, with this list of 30 Turkish names for girls.
30 Turkish Names for Girls
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Dare to enter a world full of magic, where the light of the moon and the night reign. To help you do this, we’ve got a list with 30 Turkish names for girls, which you’ll love for their meaning and their sound.

For Turkish parents, the birth of an expected child is a blessing from heaven. For this reason, choose names that symbolize this desire that will soon be made flesh.

Based on these feelings, which you probably share, we’ll suggest some options that will fill you with hope and happiness. Join us and daydream!

Turkish names, an exquisite gem for girls

These Turkish names have been the fruit of the faith that characterizes these people who are widely spread throughout Europe and East Asia. Furthermore, according to an investigation by the Arab Studies Shelf, the Islamic identity of the Turks of the Ottoman Empire played an important role in the choice of the names of its citizens.

Let’s follow this onomastic guide and give prominence to these names with such beautiful backgrounds. Take note!

A young turkish girl.

Turkish names: A to M

  • Adalet: in Turkish and Arabic, it refers to “justice”.
  • Alev: the literal meaning is “flame of fire”.
  • Ayla: refers to the ‘halo’ of the moon.
  • Beste: with a common meaning in Turkish, it’s “one that evokes the melody”.
  • Canan: means “dear or loved”.
  • Damla: this nickname can be translated as “drop of water”.
  • Dilara: the origin of this name is Turkish and refers to the “lover”. Furthermore, it’s also a feminine given name that appears in some European countries, such as France and the Netherlands.
  • Elma: This name is also heard in Germany, but in Turkish, it means “apple” because of the sweetness of the fruit.
  • Eren: for that person who is “holy” in all her splendor.
  • Feriha: a unique name that dazzles any parent. It comes from Arabic and means “happy woman”.
  • Gizem: this name translates to “mystery”. Without a doubt, a very special and captivating name.
  • Gül: translates to “flower” and is ideal if you are looking for a short name.
  • Harika: the perfect name for your little blessing, as it means “miracle”.
  • Havva: this is the Turkish variant of Eve, the first woman on earth according to the Bible.
  • Jasmine: this is the name of one of the most beautiful and feisty Disney princesses and happens to be of Turkish origin.
  • Leyla: comes from the Arabic Leila, which refers to the night.
  • Melisa: this is a variant of Melissa and in Turkish, it means “worker like the bee”.

Turkish names: from N to Z

  • Nuray: This option is very common in Azerbaijan. In addition, its meaning is most beautiful: “bright moon”.
  • Reyhan: this name can be translated as “sweet scent of flowers” in Turkish, but the truth is that it comes from Arabic and means “sweet basil”. This plant is especially important among Muslims, and in fact, according to the Foundation of Islamic Culture, it’s used for medicinal purposes having to do with popular beliefs.
  • Sabriye: Turkish option for Sabriyya, which means “patient”.
  • Sema: means “heaven”.
  • Sevda: means “love” in Turkey and Azerbaijan. Undoubtedly, a very suitable name for a baby.
  • Su: a short and precious name, which means “water”.
  • Süheyla: “bright star”.
  • Tuba: according to Islamic culture, this is a tree that grows in the sky and its meaning is “blessing”.
  • Umay: an unusual name, which means “hope”.
  • Yesim: “jade”, referring to the beautiful green gem.
  • Zainab: of Arabic origin, it translates as “father’s jewels”. It’s a quite common choice, especially among Muslim parents. This is because some Sunni historians consider her to be the eldest daughter that the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, had by his first wife.
  • Zel: a short and unique name, with a meaning that any parent wants for their little girl: “special”.
  • Zerrin: according to official data, this is one of the most used names in Turkey and it means “golden”.
A genie coming out of a lamp.

Go on a journey you won’t forget with these 30 Turkish names for girls

With the joy of waiting for your future baby, we invite you to take advantage of this stage of your life to choose calmly and heartily the name of your most precious treasure. Without a doubt, that’s the great secret to finding it.

We hope that these options linked to faithful and strong women that are full of well-wishes have helped to illuminate the way. So, which of these 30 Turkish names for girls did you like the most? Is one of them the chosen one for the future baby on the way? If so… Congratulations!

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