35 Girl Names that Start with the Letter O

With this list of girl names that start with the letter O, we want to help you find that special one you're looking for for your baby.
35 Girl Names that Start with the Letter O

Last update: 09 June, 2022

“Do you already know the sex of your baby?” This is one of the most common questions during pregnancy, which is followed by “what are you going to name her?” If you’re still not sure, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of girl names that start with the letter O, your favorite letter of the alphabet.

We’ve decided to help you with this complicated decision, and for that reason, we’ll tell you the meaning and origin of some of the most beautiful and original names that begin with this vowel. Ready to decide what you’ll name your little girl?

Girl names that start with the letter O

The letter O is the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet and the fourth vowel. The Greeks adopted it to represent the omicron (the small O) and added a different sign for the long O, the omega (Ω). However, the Latin alphabet chose to unify both sounds in a single grapheme.

If you like the sound of it, pay attention to this list of names that start with the letter O. Try combining them with your last name and avoid combinations that lend themselves to ridicule. Remember that your daughter will carry it like a cover letter all her life.

A newborn baby's feet sticking out from a pink towel.
Imagine what your girl will be like and choose that name that resonates like music to your ears.

Names in alphabetical order

Oana: this is the Romanian variant of Johanna, a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is ‘God is merciful’.

Oba: this name belongs to Nigerian mythology and is the name of the ancient Goddess of the rivers.

Oceana: this is a name of Greek origin and means ‘ocean’.

Octavia: a name of Latin origin, which represents the ‘eighth’.

Odele: this is also a name of Greek origin. It means ‘song’.

Odelia: this is another name of Hebrew origin, which means ‘I will praise the Lord’.

Odessa: this is the name of a Ukrainian city. It’s inspired by ‘The Odyssey’, written by the Greek poet Homer.

Odette: the French variant of Odetta, a name of German origin whose meaning is ‘wealth’.

Odile: this is also a French variant, in this case from Otilia. It represents the one who is ‘prosperous in battle’ and is also of German origin.

Ophelia: another name of Greek origin, it means ‘help’.

Ofra: also of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘fawn’.

Oihana: this is a Basque name and it means ‘forest’.

Oishi: a name of Japanese origin that represents that which is ‘delicious’.

Okelani: this is a name of Hawaiian origin that means ‘heavenly’.

Oksana: A Russian name of Hebrew origin that means ‘praise to God’.

Olalla: the Galician form of Eulalia, meaning ‘she who speaks well’.

Olenka: a Russian variant of Olga, representing what is ‘holy’.

More names for your daughter that start with the letter O

Oliana: a Polynesian name meaning ‘laurel’.

Olinda: this is a name of Germanic origin that refers to the ‘protector of property’.

Olivia: a name of Latin origin, it means ‘the one who brings peace’.

Olympia: the Greeks called the place where they held their competitions Olympia. It’s said that it comes from lamp, which means ‘to shine’.

Ombra: a name of Italian origin that means ‘shadow’.

Ona: this name is of Irish origin and it means ‘elegant’.

Undine: Undines, in Greek mythology, were beautiful aquatic nymphs that inhabited rivers and lakes.

Opal: this name is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘jewel’.

Oralia: this is one of the variants of Aurelia. It’s of Latin origin and means ‘the golden one’.

Oriana: this name is also of Latin origin, it means ‘dawn’.

Oriel: a name from Latin, it represents that which is ‘golden’.

Ornella: this is a name of Italian origin meaning ‘blossom ash’.

Oseye: a name of Egyptian origin that describes that which is ‘happy’.

Oshin: is a Japanese name and means ‘love’.

Oshra: represents ‘happiness’ and is of Hebrew origin.

Otilia: a name of German origin that means ‘prosperous in battle’.

Oyuki: of Japanese origin and means ‘snow queen’.

Ozara: of Hebrew origin, it represents ‘wealth’.

A baby girl looking at a mirror.
Finding the name of your future daughter isn’t an easy task, as it represents your best wishes for her and those attributes that you dream of her having.

As you’ve seen, there are many girl names that begin with the letter O. However, on this page, you’ll find many more alternatives with different themes. Some are inspired by literature, the sea, the letters of the alphabet, or even your favorite movie characters.

We hope we’ve helped you find what you were looking for. Imagine your little girl’s face when you mention her name out loud and you’ll discover the right one.

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