22 Guarani Names for Boys

Dreamlike, full of legends and nature worship. Be sure to check out this list with the best Guarani names for boys.
22 Guarani Names for Boys

Last update: 26 March, 2022

If you’re looking for names with special meanings that are typical of the original peoples of the Andes Mountains, then don’t miss this list with the best Guarani names for boys.

The parents of this area chose what to call the future king of the house based on their dreams and their beliefs about the future. Therefore, as you can imagine, the following possess many natural and mythological meanings.

Guarani Names for Boys: A trip to the Andes Mountains

According to data from the General Directorate of Civil Registry (DGREC), in recent years, there’s been an exponential growth in the number of Guarani names chosen for children. Especially in Paraguayan territory.

More and more parents are opting for these traditional options, as they respect the culture of the original peoples of the Americas. Therefore, in the following article, we’ve compiled a list with the best names for the future king of your house.

A map of south america.

Guarani Names for Boys: From A to J

  • Amaru: of Guarani origin, Amaru literally means “rain”. Undoubtedly, it’s a choice that symbolized a good omen for the arrival of a new member to the family.
  • Anguyatutu: directly alludes to one who is “intelligent, observant, vigilant, and industrious”.
  • Arami: we recommend accompanying this name with another one that indicates the baby’s sex, as it can be used for both girls and boys. Its meaning is “cielito”. A good affectionate diminutive that’s very popular among the parents of the region is Ará.
  • Chapai: refers to one who is “short and robust”.
  • Eireka: represents the union of ei and reka (“honey, bee” and “to search”). Therefore, it could mean something like “expert in the search for honey”.
  • Guaci: this is an affectionate name that can come from the word guaco. Therefore, it could allude to a plant belonging to this territory that, for the Guarani people, had curative effects.
  • Guiraké: this is a term collected by the zoologist Romer S. Miserendino, who affirms that it refers to an eagle very venerated by the ancient peoples of these lands.
  • Itaete: refers to the characteristics of “steel”. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice that shows the desires that the Guarani parents had for their son to be born strong.
  • Iyambaé: means “free man”.
  • Jaimei: means “exposed to high risk.” Therefore, it’s a name given to children who are born prematurely or whose birth involved complications.

Guarani Names for Boys: From K to Z

  • Karai: this is how the Guarani wise men, connoisseurs, and transmitters of the culture, used to be called. It means “respectable man”.
  • Katu: refers to the young man who will always be “strong”.
  • Kuará: means “sun” in Guaraní.
  • Kunumi: means “boy, young man”.
  • Luriel: alludes to the “lord who is the owner of the wind”.
  • Ndaivi: symbolizes a little one who’s “always ready” or “very attentive”.
  • Nderi: similar to some previous options, it refers to a “bird that’s like a small sparrow”.
  • Ñaró: this name is directly linked to the quality of being “brave, strong, a fighter”.
  • Ok: this is the name given to the person who is born when it starts to rain. This is considered an “omen of agricultural production” and one of the most valued exercises for the Guarani culture.
  • Pari: refers to a “person who’s an expert in catching fish”, according to the methods of his ancestors.
  • Yaguatí: literally means “leopard”, but alludes to the jaguar, one of the most glorified animals in these lands. In fact, the figure of the yaguatí (“baby jaguar”) comes from the legend of northeastern Argentina, where a sorcerer becomes a man-leopard.
  • Yandú: symbolizes a bird typical of this land, which is adapted to run at great speed in the face of any kind of danger.
A jaguar in the jungle.

Have you finally opted for any of these Guarani names for boys?

As León Cadogan states in his book Mil apellidos guaraníes: A contribution to the study of Paraguayan onomastics(2007), these options allude directly to the gods, sacred animals, and beliefs that respect the tradition of a people that’s been at risk of disappearing.

Any trace that showed their existence was eliminated. However, their traces have managed to slip into history through their names. And today, we can say that they’ve flourished again among parents who want to relive the old times.

And you? Which of these options have captivated you? Have you heard them before? Let us know!

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