Palindromic Names for Boys and Girls

What will you name your baby? Search this list of palindromic names for boys and girls, you're sure to find one that sounds great to you.
Palindromic Names for Boys and Girls

Last update: 14 January, 2022

Palindromes refer to words, phrases, and numbers that are read the same both forward and backward.  When it comes to numbers, this fact is associated with luck, so if you want to attract good vibes, we invite you to discover this list of palindromic names for boys and girls that we’ve prepared for you.

If you’re looking to decide what you’ll call your next child, on our site, we have many options to choose from, such as names of historical figures, names according to a certain letter, or those that originate in different cultures. But today, we’re going to offer you a fun way to find that magic name for your child that reads the same, both backward or forward! Take note!

Palindromic names for girls: Which one do you like best?

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  • Ada: this name has different meanings according to its origin. According to the Hebrew origin adah, it means “joyful, happy”. But if we take into account its Germanic roots, it comes from Adel, which refers to “great nobility”.
  • Ana: Latin derivation of the Hebrew channah and is translated as “grace”.
  • Anina: this is a quite uncommon name, but it sounds very nice and its meaning is “favor or grace”.
  • Ava: comes from Hebrew and means “the one who gives life”.
  • Aviva: means “season of spring” in the Hebrew language.
  • Aziza: a name of Arabic origin that means “powerful”.
  • Elle: a variant of the Greek Helene, which means “torch or light”.
  • Emme: a form of the feminine name Ema.
  • Eve: this is a variation of Eva, a Hebrew name that comes from the word chawah, which translates as “breathe or live”. Other forms are Arabic Hawa, Welsh Efa, and Russian Yeva, among others.
  • Hannah: a feminine name derived from Hebrew channah, which means “grace”.
  • Itatí: of Guaraní origin, a native poeple of South America. The word Itatí translates into English as “stone nose”, as it’s made up of itá (“stone”) and ti (“nose”).
  • Izzi: Arabic name that means “powerful”.
  • Nan: short for Nancy.
  • Viv: a diminutive of the Latin name Vivian, which means “alive”. Variants include Viviana and Bibiana.
  • Yanay: a name of Quechua origin that means “my beloved”.

Palindromic names for boys: easy to pronounce

  • Asa: comes from Hebrew and means “healer”. In some Asian languages, it’s translated as “hope”.
  • Bab: of Armenian origin and means “grandfather”.
  • Bob: a diminutive of the English name Robert.
  • Darad: comes from the Greek “dard”.
  • Iggi: an African name that means “the only child”.
  • Medem: a surname of a family of the German aristocracy that nowadays is also used as a name.
  • Natan: the meaning of this name of Hebrew origin is “gift of God”.
  • Nayan: means “eye” in the Hindu language.
  • Nen: a palindrome name derived from Egyptian and meaning “immortality”.
  • Otto: is of Germanic origin and refers to the man who is the “lord of property or wealth”. They’re other variants: Audo, Odo, Otho, and Otón.
  • Ramar: means “God-like” in Arabic.
  • Reinier: of Germanic origin, it means a “strong and wise man”.
  • Renner: a male name derived from the same surname.
  • Siris: comes from Old English and means “shepherd”.
  • Sylys: of Greek origin, it comes from the name of the god of the forest, Silas.

Otto, Ana, and Medem, a circular love story

If you like movies and want to find the name of a movie character for your baby, which is also a palindrome, here are two: Otto and Ana.

The protagonists of the film directed by Julio Medem (also a palindrome) The Lovers of the Artic Circle, live a love story that begins where it ends. They go back and forth, just like a palindrome.

A palindromic image made of zeros and twos.

The same from left to right and right to left

Palindrome is a word that comes from the Greek palin, which means “path” and dromos, which translates as “to go back”.

This particular form makes names very curious, although their structure is simple and they’re very easy to pronounce. A plus for little siblings to learn quickly!

When it comes to giving gifts to children, we always look for the best. So we hope that, within this list of palindromic names for boys and girls, you’ll find one that’s perfect for your baby! It’s your first gift and the one that will last for a lifetime.

“Already before birth, the first symbolic inscription is the name. A name is a mediator, basically. it’s the bond between the person and their parents who gave it to them, and then with the others.”

-Juan Eduardo Tesone-

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