The Origin and Meaning of the Name Adam

The name Adam is a very traditional name. It comes from the first man in the Old Testament and means "he who comes from the earth".
The Origin and Meaning of the Name Adam
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

This is one of the most emblematic options chosen by parents from different parts of the world. If you still don’t know, do you want to find out what the origin and meaning of the name Adam are? The first man ever created may inspire you.

In addition, we’ll also offer you other interesting information, such as the date of his saint’s day, the variants in other countries, and we’ll introduce you to some celebrities named Adam. Take note!

What’s the origin and meaning of the name Adam?

As you can imagine, the name Adam comes from Hebrew and defines the first man created by God in his own image and likeness. According to the Bible, all mankind descends from him.

Therefore, its meaning alludes to ‘he who comes from the Earth’. Therefore, its color would be red, as in the Old Testament, it’s said that Adam was forged from the same clay. Therefore, experts indicate that this name symbolizes the reddish tone.

Being the first patriarch of Israel, his influence is unquestionable in the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well as in the Islamic one. In the latter sense, Adam is recognized for being a prophet of Islam. Therefore, Adam is a perfect choice for any father who’s looking for a name of faith that’s full of spirituality.

A smiling baby wearing a red onesie.
Red symbolizes the name Adam. It refers to the color of the earth from which Adam, the first man, was forged.

Onomastics of the name Adam

Being the name of the patriarch of the people of Israel, Adam also has its own saint. In this regard, we recommend you note the date of December 22. If you know someone special to you by that name, or you want this to be your little one’s guardian angel, you already know that this day is special. Especially if you’ve had the immense grace to be born on the same day.

On the other hand, don’t worry if you haven’t arrived on time, because Saint Adam is also celebrated on May 16, in honor of the abbot St. Adam of Fermo (Italy).

Variants of Adam in other countries

There are several patronymics in different cultures that refer to this name: Adánez (Spanish), Adamov (Russian), or Adamski (Polish), among others.

In the case of Spain, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) registers almost 20,000 males with this name and an average age of 10 years of age. In addition, the variant of Adam is more or less evenly distributed throughout the Peninsula, although there are also other variants that depend on the mother tongue of the parents:

  • Adem, in Bosnian
  • Adamo, in Esperanto
  • Aadam, in Estonian
  • Adame, in Basque

On the other hand, Adam’s popularity among parents in the United States or the United Kingdom is unquestionable. In fact, from the 19th century onwards, the English surname Adams appears on the register, which achieved unquestionable success in contemporary times. In fact, this is demonstrated by the children’s movie of The Addams family.

Adam Sandler.
The renowned comic actor Adam Sandler lives up to the name. He starred in several Hollywood movies.

Famous people named Adam

Throughout history, there have been many relevant figures who have proudly carried this wonderful option as a flag. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Adam de la Halle: From the 13th century. A French poet and playwright, famous for his courtly love songs.
  • Adam Smith: Scottish philosopher, writer, and economist, promoter of economic liberalism.
  • Adam Sandler: New York actor, comedian, and film producer.
  • Adam Driver: retired marine, occasional singer, and American actor.
  • Adam Jezierski: Polish-Spanish actor. He became famous for his role as Gorka in the series Física o química.
  • Adam Senn: American model, actor, and restaurateur.
  • Adam Levine: American singer, songwriter, and musician. He’s the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the pop rock band Maroon 5

Adam, one of the most legendary options for your future baby

This name Adam brings a touch of originality to one of the most special names in the history of mankind: The one that refers in the sacred scriptures to the first man created by God. So, if you’re looking for a traditional option, but with freshness and a touch of modernity, you can’t miss it.

We hope you’ve fallen in love with the name Adam. Have you decided on this name for your little one? Let us know in the comments!

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