What is a Smash Cake Baby Photo Session?

A smash cake baby photo session takes place on a little one's first birthday and is a new trend in photography. Learn more about it.
What is a Smash Cake Baby Photo Session?

Last update: 02 July, 2022

Parents love to immortalize the most important moments of their children, especially in their first months and first steps. And to capture the best moments of the first birthday, a new trend in children’s photography has emerged: smash cakes. Today, we’ll tell you what a smash cake baby photo session involves.

This is a special photo session of your baby with a symbolic and emotional aspect that forever records the emotion of one of your first celebrations together.

The sequence of photos goes from the moment in which the little one is placed near their cake, all neat and tidy until they crush it or grasp it with their little hands or feet. It’s a spontaneous photo shoot without poses or filters. Did you like the idea? If you want to know more about it, keep reading!

Smash cake photo sessions: The new trend in photos for your baby

Taking pictures of children in their different stages of growth is something that excites parents a lot, especially during their first months. Many are used to recording their growth month by month and the custom is maintained, even in their first years.

Just as the trend of photos of moms’ bellies in the last month of pregnancy or newborn baby photo shoots, now the smash cake trend is taking center stage.

A smash cake photo session can be done in a photo studio or in the home of the child’s parents, depending on what you decide with the photographer.

Some people offer packages with cake included and others, without cake. If this is the case, parents should be in charge of the preparation of the cake, which will reduce the costs of the session. This is also a good option if you prefer to decorate the cake to your liking or have it made by a trusted baker. The most important thing is that it’s delicious!

A child eating his first birthday cake.
After blowing out the first candle, sit your child in front of their first cake and let them experiment freely with it so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. Capture that unforgettable moment with a professional photo session.

Test your child’s senses

A smash cake session is a truly original birthday gift for your child, as they’ll test their senses and have a great time. It’s a perfect sensory experience, especially if they’re a curious and restless soul.

When smashing the cake, your baby will test their sense of touch, as they’ll touch its texture and feel its softness with their hands or feet. And if they put it in their mouth, they’ll experience the taste and savor eating it, because no child can resist a delicious cake.

The same sensation will be experienced with the cake’s aroma because the cake is full of vanilla, chocolate, coconut, orange, or other ingredients that you’ve decided to include.

Not to mention the visual experience with the variety of colors that your little one will see in the decoration of the cake. For this, moms choose different motifs such as a classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse design, farm or safari animals, a ball pit, a unicorn, princess motifs, Spider-Man, and many other characters.

Prepare the place where the photo session will take place

The photos can be taken in a studio, but also at your home. If you choose a place in your home, you can decorate the background with balloons. You can also place your son or daughter’s name on the wall, or a flower pot that you like and that matches the colors used in the rest of the decoration.

You should also choose the clothes your baby will wear, or if you’ll leave them in a diaper. Some parents opt for the latter option to make the baby more comfortable and also because they’ll end up all dirty after smashing the cake. However, you can choose this according to your taste.

There’s another style of parents who think that children shouldn’t appear half-naked, but be presentable and well dressed, as it’s their birthday celebration. That’s why they dress them in elegant suits and dresses during this session.

A smiling 1 year old during a photo session.
Give them an exquisite sensorial experience to treasure the best moments of your baby’s first birthday.

Know some keys to carry out a smash cake photo session

When planning the baby photo session, it’s important that you take into account certain details so that everything goes perfectly:

  • Make sure your baby isn’t allergic to any ingredient or scent in the cake. Also, if you use flowers in the decoration of the set, take into account the child’s tolerance of these scents.
  • Choose the right place for your baby. Having the session at your baby’s home will make them feel much more comfortable and familiar with the objects they’ll see on the set.
  • Set the perfect stage for them. Decorate with their favorite colors, the motifs or cartoons they like the most, and the cake flavors they enjoy the most.
  • Find the best time of day for the session. It can’t be during the hours when the child usually sleeps or eats. If the child sleeps a lot in the afternoon, it’s best to do it in the morning.
  • Include elements in the session that your child feels comfortable with. For example, a toy, a stuffed animal, a pillow that they like, or a song that relaxes them that you can play in the background. The calmer your child feels, the more successful the photographic work will be.

Photographing the fun moments when a baby plays with a cake can be a lot of fun and also an excellent opportunity to immortalize the moment of their first or second birthday. Go ahead and live the unforgettable smash cake experience with your son or daughter!

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