You Came into My Life to Change Everything

You Came into My Life to Change Everything
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

“Your birth changed everything in my life.” Some may state it plainly, others more poetically, but every mother highlights this same detail about motherhood: The turning point in a woman’s life. And it’s no wonder, taking into account the way in which your habits change completely and you begin to experience sentiments you never even knew existed.
When you arrived, everything that was dull and grey in my life was lit up by the light that shimmered in your eyes the first time you looked up at me. You broke the silence with your uncontrollable and contagious giggles. You brought warmth into every day, and filled every morning with a scent of life beyond compare.

And there they are. They come into our lives when we least expect it, yet they have the gift of coming when we most need to share our lives…when you most need to share your life.

Your arrival changed my definition of love

Clearly, to feel love is one of the most wonderful gifts any human being can experience. And there is a certain mix of instinct – a feeling that comes from the soul, mind and heart – when you feel the delicate skin of your baby; that little being that you want to protect and to whom you want to give nothing but your best.

you came into my life to change everything

A woman’s love is truly immense, but it becomes sublime when it originates from nothing less than the admiration and adoration of the child she has cradled in her womb during  gestation.

Upon feeling her unborn baby’s movements in her belly, every mother comes to understand what unconditional love is. And it’s no wonder – there is no greater love than that of a mother towards her little one.

There, observing her child for the first time, is when a women truly understands what love at first sight is, and understands in depth what the miracle of life consists of.

And although the child grows to the point that he can no longer be cradled in his mother’s arms, she will always have available for him all the space there is in her heart, that same heart that she allows to leave our bodies to accompany our children everywhere they go.

You came to change my understanding of happiness

When a child is born, life changes to such a degree that parents are willing to modify their habits and behaviors on behalf of their child’s happiness, giving up everything in order to give top priority to this little special being, so capable of monopolizing every breath in the home.

All a mother has to do is see her children, or even just think about them, and her heart is filled with happiness and joy. And what could be more important? A mother’s time flies by so fast, in just a blink of an eye. But the love that her tiny baby perceives will turn him into one of the happiest beings in the world.

sleeping mom and baby

You came to give me my greatest title from the University of Life

Without a doubt, you will become your child’s role model, his first superheroine, coach and guide. And the most valuable part of any learning process that involves you is that, despite any failures or successes, you will be the motor behind the final product.

No one tells women how to be good mothers, nor do babies come with instruction manuals that tell us how to act in specific situations. Just the same, mothers act out of instinct, and their hearts guide them to do what is best for their children.

And it doesn’t matter if the secret to child-raising means putting everything else on hold in order to dedicate your entire life to this little human being that is part of you. Words will never be able to express the satisfaction of teaching your child to take his first steps, or to pronounce her first words, and so many other things.

The freedom and independence we had before no longer matters, nor does the time we invested in building a career. We sacrifice that all now, gladly.

The University of Life teaches us that there is no better title than that of Mother, where we learn the real meaning of the word dedication. All in exchange for a smile when we wake up.

Being a mother is a blessing sealed by the tenderness and innocence of the most fragile being we’ve ever seen and, at the same time, with the power to motivate so many mothers to carry on, to wake up every morning, and to face even the most difficult moments with grace.

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