Mommy, Please Be Careful with My Childhood

Mommy, Please Be Careful with My Childhood
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Therefore, without a doubt, the way you treat me is critical during this stage. It sets the course for my life; towards health or towards sickness. That’s why I must insist once again, mom and dad, or anyone else in my life, for that matter. I’m a diamond in the rough. I need to be polished in order for my beauty to stand out.

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Be careful with my childhood and the reflection you project on me

Mommy, be careful with my childhood. Remember that, sooner or later, my temperament will be a reflection of you. Practice what you preach. Teach me with actions and words. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We’ll learn from every trip and fall as we get back on our feet together.

Remember that behind every well-raised child, there is a set of informed and dedicated parents. Upon assuming your roles as mothers and fathers, you must also accept your responsibilities as role models for your children.

Think twice before you lie, yell, disrespect, or display any other inappropriate behavior. I’ll take it all in as appropriate conduct.

Don’t forget that deep down inside the adult that resorts to physical punishment lies another great truth. A complicated childhood is hidden behind every spanking. Therein lies a wounded child who accomplishes nothing more than confuses fear for respect.
Never allow me to get genuine parent-child love confused with mistreatment. I don’t want to put up with shouting or any types of aggression. Don’t justify it by saying that it’s “for my own good.” You will only be forcing me to internalize violence as a legitimate way to resolve conflicts and channel negative feelings.

My childhood is beyond important. My personality is formed during this stage; who I am and how I act. This is the time when I establish a way of thinking. I start to form my values and principles. And those little defects that we all have start to become ingrained.

My childhood, that sweet shared treasure

mom, please take care of my childhood

Mommy, please be careful with my childhood. After all, we’re talking about a beautiful shared treasure. Childhood is a non-material good that gives you the invaluable possibility of travelling back in time. You can relive your own childhood. You can receive the gift of seeing everything through pure and innocent eyes.

Rediscover the simplicity, newness and sincerity of every child. Perceive the defencelessness of these young immaculate souls. Learn to be happy with less. Come to see every problem as a simple trifle that adds spice to life.

Enjoy the tickles and the butterflies in your stomach. Feel that curiosity and immense desire to learn and to embrace yourself. Hold tight to the boldness to go after the loftiest of dreams. Calm your bitterness and give life to sincere and uninhibited laughter.

Let out all of your feelings. The emotional intelligence and transparency of children are the cure for the souls of wounded adults. Feel empathy for those around you. Realize that you are equal to every other mortal. Forget all of those ridiculous distinctions that adults impart.

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