Family Is a Basic Pillar of Society

Family is a basic pillar of society. Because of that, it's an important agent of change that we have to be sure we're taking care of.
Family Is a Basic Pillar of Society
Elena Sanz Martín

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Every May 15, we celebrate the International Day of Families in order to remind and convey the importance of family to the world. Family is a basic pillar of society and it’s a child’s main socializing agent. Because of that, what happens within families has a large impact on the global course of humankind.

Families are microsystems that reproduce interpersonal behaviors on a small scale. Values are transmitted, rules are established and interactions between family members take place. These aspects make up the background for all of our social interactions. Therefore, it’s extremely important that we take care of our families.

Changes to the concept of family – a basic pillar of society

We define families as groups of people united by blood or legal ties. In addition, they share emotional ties and they often live together. In the past, we used to think that families were only made up of a father, mother and their children. Today, we have diversified this concept and we embrace different types of families. 

For example, there are single-parent homes, same-sex parents, families with children from previous relationships, adoptive families, and separated families. Each family’s reality is different, and social progress has played a large role in these changes. We see that more and more women are entering the labor force. In addition, a lot of grandparents are starting to play primary roles in raising their grandchildren.

Family Is a Basic Pillar of Society

Without a doubt, society has been able to change and modify the definition of family. However, what remains unchanged is the fact that family is a basic pillar of society for various reasons. 

Family is a basic pillar of society

Shape your child’s soul

The extreme importance of family lies in the fact that families shape a child’s personality. Their family molds their emotions, their beliefs and their attitudes towards life. In addition, their family is their main source of love, support and security. They’re able to find the courage to explore the world because of the protection their family offers them.

A child’s family can either help or hinder their emotional development. It could make them feel safe or vulnerable, suspicious or trusting, considerate or selfish. The impact that your child has on the world is dependent on your family and the education you provide them.

Therefore, it’s essential that parents have the information and support necessary to be positive and respectful parents. When children grow up feeling loved, understood and respected, they’re more likely to grow into adults who will shape our future society. 

Share values

Families are the reflection of the society they live in, and they perpetuate the patterns of that society. With more and more women entering the work force, we’re making great strides towards equal opportunities. However, even today, it’s mostly women who are carrying the burden of taking care of the home and raising their children.

This mental burden inevitably falls on them, which places them in an unfair and overwhelming situation. Also, the children who are starting to form their own beliefs in this environment, will likely produce what they have observed in their adult life. Therefore, each family has the ability to curb these societal norms and create social change, right from their homes. 

When you raise children in an egalitarian home, they’ll normalize sharing responsibilities equally and the idea of working together. Boys and girls will grow up as companions and equals, freeing themselves from the limitations that gender roles impose on them.

Family Is a Basic Pillar of Society

Provide support

When you’re faced with adverse and critical situations, families can be your greatest form of support. Families take on the stresses of caring for and supporting their most vulnerable members, like the elderly, children and the sick. Unfortunately, this often leads to financial difficulties since they have to pay for the care themselves.

However, it’s not only commendable work, but essential work. Human beings are interdependent; we need support from others in many different situations, and it’s often our families who are there to provide that support.

Therefore, it’s important that you’re providing your family members with the necessary economic resources to face these tasks. That way, they won’t end up struggling financially or physically.


Ultimately, the family is a basic pillar of society. Because of that, it’s imperative that we ensure our families have all the financial, logistical and emotional resources they need. Remember, the future depends on each of them.


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