What Makes You Feel Like a Mother?

When did you feel like a mother for the first time? And what situations remind you that you're someone's mom? These tend to be very personal and emotional questions, which we'll explore today.
What Makes You Feel Like a Mother?

Last update: 31 July, 2020

If we look back at our experiences with motherhood, many of us can pinpoint the first time that we felt like a mother. That precise moment is different and unique for every woman, but it’s always special.

Perhaps it was right away when you saw the positive pregnancy test. Or perhaps it was the first time you felt your little one kick or held him or her in your arms for the first time.

What makes you feel like a mother?

Today, I want to share my own personal experience. I want to talk about those times when I feel like a mother… Where I’m suddenly reminded of this tremendous privilege and responsibility that I carry. No matter when that happens to you, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to the following points.

When I noticed my child growing inside me

Each time I looked at my growing belly and reflected upon the miracle that was taking place inside. Or when I felt his kicks inside of me, starting with gentle flutters that, over time, became so strong that they kept me up at night…

Or maybe it was when I found myself face to face with my little one for the first time, cradling him in my arms. That’s when I knew, for the first time, that I was someone’s mother. When his warm skin came into contact with mine and listened to his tiny but powerful cries.

What Makes You Feel Like a Mother?

I feel like a mother while breastfeeding

When did I first feel like a mother? The first time I breastfed my baby, feeling clumsy and doubting myself. The truth is, it felt strange but, at the same time, it was amazing. And those long nights when I barely slept because my baby needed me… They were hard, but I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world.

When my heart breaks

I also feel like a mother every time my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. It breaks and then it comes back together, time and time again. Why? Because of my own fears and worries, combined with the overwhelming love I feel for my child.

Those nights when I cry myself to sleep, I undoubtedly feel like a mother. What a savage feeling when you become crippled with self-doubt. I wonder if I’m doing things right, or if, in some way, I’m failing my little one. And I worry about the day when my child will go off to face the world without me. 

I feel like a mother when my child needs me

When my little one needs me to comb his hair, tie his shoes, or change his diaper, I feel like a mom. Or when he just needs me to lie down next to him in his bed or take him to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And, of course, when I’m cleaning up vomit and taking his temperature, I feel like a mother.

When I’m serving meals, playing cards, or going on adventures… When my child comes to me for something to do, or just to ask what’s for lunch. Sometimes I look at him, at his little face and his giant smile, and I know I must have done something right.

When I have to cancel plans

Being a mother means things don’t always go the way I think they will. For example, when I have to turn down invitations because I was so pregnant. Or when I have to cancel plans at the last minute because my boy’s come down with a fever. And how about those times I have to be that mom because I choose to prioritize my child’s routines? Yes, I definitely feel like a mom those days.

What Makes You Feel Like a Mother?

I also feel like a mother when I feel my child’s unconditional love

I feel my child’s unconditional love every time he gives me a hug or fills me with kisses. When I’m the only one that can dry his tears or calm his screams. And when he forgives my shortcomings and tells me I’m the best mom ever.

Being and feeling like a mom…

Being a mother has, without a doubt, turned me into the best version of myself. My child has taught me to love with my heart wide open and to choose to see the good in people. To be happy even on the most chaotic days – which, of course, are most days.

What’s more, being a mom has taught me to forgive, to work hardto be compassionate, friendly, patient, and, above all… to be humble.

Caring for another human being has taught me what it means to be truly unselfish. And creating a family with my partner and caring for our son together has shown me the true meaning of love. Now I know that love is greater than everything else.

So, if you ask me: “When did you first feel like a mom?”, I’d say: “A million times.” There are so many moments – the tiniest details and the biggest milestones. And suddenly, I’m struck by that title wave of emotion that I’m someone’s other.

However, if I had to narrow it down to just a few, I’d say…

  • When my child was born, and I witnessed the miracle of life for the first time.
  • The day my child first pronounced the word “mom.”
  • Every time I experience what only a mother can: Strength combined with exhaustion, frustration mixed with emotion, fear intermingled with sheer confidence.

This juxtaposition of feelings doesn’t occur every day. In fact, some days are actually go quite smoothly. But whenever I have one of those days, the feeling that I’m a mother comes on so much stronger. I have the heart of a mother and I’ll always be ready and willing to give my child my all… to protect, to serve and, above all, to give all the love I have to offer.

So, how about you? When did you feel like a mother for the first time?


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