Hairstyles for Special Occasions for Busy Moms

There are many different hairstyle ideas for special occasions that help moms who don't have much time. Take note of the following ideas and create a magazine cover look for yourself...and don't forget the accessories.
Hairstyles for Special Occasions for Busy Moms

Last update: 12 January, 2020

Being a mother is a unique experience full of feelings and sensations that make you feel special. However, lack of time is one negative aspect, especially when you want to create great hairstyles for special occasions.

We’ve decided to come to your rescue and bring you some ideas, tips and hairstyles recommended by experts to help you feel confident on those special occasions….and get plenty of admiring looks at the same time!

5 amazing hairstyles for special occasions

Time’s running out and you’re desperately trying to decide how to do your hair for Valentine’s Day, your best friend’s wedding, your little one’s Christening… A good hairstyle can help you go from simple to sophisticated and modern in no time.

Great hairstyles for special occasions for busy moms:

Plaits and braids

If you’re looking for hairstyle ideas for special occasions, plaits or braids are a classic that never goes out of style. There are many ways of doing them: double, crown, triple, and herringbone, among others. The best thing is that you can accompany them with loose strands and different accessories or flowers to complement the look.

Intertwined bun

The intertwined bun is an elegant hairstyle that you can create in just a few minutes. You just have to make a loose ponytail and then pass the hair through it continuously. Hold it in with bobby pins.

You can get creative with some braids and intertwine sections of hair to give a natural, unkempt effect. Depending on the trend, you can decorate with hair clips or flowers for a dramatic 1960s look. This type of hairstyle looks good with all kinds of outfits and gives a sensual look.

Hairstyles for Special Occasions for Busy Moms

Half up-dos

When you think of a special occasion, you’ll probably think of having a high ponytail. However, loose hair is also very fashionable. If you want the comfort of having everything in place, you can do a side or middle half up-do. These are also called half-up half-down hairstyles. Fashionable looks include well-crafted braids or plaits, headbands, interlocking strands in the middle of the hair, among others.

With this alternative, natural waves help you to frame the face and give a romantic air to the hairstyle. You can also complement it with accessories to complete your style.

Messy style

This is one of the hairstyles for special occasions where the structure doesn’t have to fit into any set definition. It consists of mixing strands of hair or braids to achieve a romantic style. It’s designed for mothers who have dyed hair with highlights, as it lets you highlight the different shades. To add style, complement it with flowers and accessories.

Hairstyles with knots

This is an option for women who have medium- or short-length hair. Part the hair as you wish, in the middle or to one side. Take a strand of hair and divide it into two. Then tie a loose knot and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat this step to form a sort of chain, as if you were making a crown.

When you reach the center of the back of your head, fasten it with an accessory or a bobby pin. In just a few minutes you’ll have a style fit for the catwalk.

Tips for the best hairstyles for special occasions

If you’ve already decided on a hairstyle out of the numerous possibilities that exist, then you’ll need some tips to help you keep it. To do this, experts recommend that you:

  • Choose the one that fits your face shape and complement it with fashion accessories.
  • Prepare your hair with a good wash and dry, to give your hair volume.
  • Use a good brush and your fingers to shape it the way you want.

To keep everything in place, use professional hairsprays and gels for a perfect, stylish finish. Remember to keep your hair moisturized at all times. This will make it look spectacular without resorting to different techniques.

Hairstyles for Special Occasions for Busy Moms

In conclusion, having a great hairstyle for a special occasion is perfectly possible with a little creativity and good taste. Remember to use accessories that complement your style and make you look unique. Treat your hair like royalty, and you’ll soon be the queen of the occasion!

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