Celebrate the International Day of Families

The role of families is fundamental to the proper functioning of society. So let's celebrate the International Day of Families!
Celebrate the International Day of Families

Last update: 15 April, 2021

Many people are unaware of the existence of the International Day of Families. But, every May 15 since 1994, we commemorate the importance of the family unit for the education and development of children and young people in our society.

The United Nations General Assembly agreed on and established this date to highlight the family as the basic unit of social life.

“Happiness doesn’t depend on the size of the house but on the love in the family.”

– Anonymous –

What is family?

When we speak of family, what are we referring to? Today, we’ve abandoned the limited perspective of considering the family unit as a nucleus consisting of a father, a mother, and one or more children. This is simply one type of family – the conventional one. But there are many other equally valid family models, which we must make visible and take into account. For example, single-parent, LGBT, adoptive, blended families, etc.

Regardless of the family model in which one is born and grows up, the most important thing is establishing healthy emotional ties and close social relationships. This is fundamental for the future development of any person.

Celebrate the International Day of Families

Therefore, we can say that the family is the union of several people who share a common life project. What’s more, one or more adults are responsible for the care, attention, and education of one or more children.

“Being part of a family means that you’re part of something wonderful, that you’ll love and be loved for the rest of your life, without conditions.”

– Anonymous –

Celebrate the International Day of Families

So, we want to suggest you celebrate in style the International Day of Families this May 15th and give this date the importance it deserves. To do so, you can carry out some activities with all the members of your household. Here are some ideas.

Activities to celebrate the International Day of Families

  • Decorate the house with drawings and crafts you’ve made as a family. You can creatively represent each of the members of the family and paste your creations on the walls, doors, windows, etc. This will give a festive touch to your home.
  • Make a special menu and prepare it all together. It’s about deciding on the dishes that you’re going to cook and eat that day as a family. They don’t have to be very elaborate recipes. The important thing is that all the members of the family can participate in its preparation in some way and be able to enjoy together.
Celebrate the International Day of Families
  • Playing Secret Santa with cards. To carry out this game, you’ll need to draw names one or two days before. In other words, to assign the name of another member of the family to whom you have to write and deliver a letter. In the letter, you describe your feelings towards that person. Young children can also participate in the game by handing in a drawing for their invisible friend.
  • Dust off the family photo album. Whether it’s a paper or digital album, it’s always a good idea to remember old times and look carefully at those photos you have as a family. What better than remembering all those beautiful moments you have shared over the years?
  • Watch a movie together as a family. To end the day, you can prepare a family movie night, choosing a movie suitable for all audiences and that conveys a message of love, peace, and harmony.


We’re sure that if you carry out these activities, you’ll never forget this special day. You’ll be able to look forward to May 15th and the International Day of Families every year.

“The best investment we can make in our children’s education is to spend time as a family.”

– Anonymous –


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