7 Ideas to Have Fun with Your Children

Are your children bored and looking for something to do? Check out these 7 ideas of how to have fun with your children.
7 Ideas to Have Fun with Your Children
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

When children are bored, Mom and Dad have to do the impossible so that the magic of free time isn’t lost. Most parents have had to deal with children’s boredom and lack of entertainment and fun. Phrases such as “I’m tired of all my toys”, “I’m bored” or “I have nothing to do” pose a challenge to adults, who have to figure out how to solve this serious problem. Therefore, we’ll bring you these 7 ideas to have fun with your children.

Video games, television, and applications on mobile devices aren’t always enough to entertain the little ones in the house. Without realizing it, these activities also become routine, especially if we don’t get involved with our kids.

The fun is in your hands, take advantage of it and enjoy with your little ones

Undoubtedly, we shouldn’t stop tending to the obligations and chores of the home, but it’s worth setting aside responsibilities and dedicating a good portion of time to our little angels without waiting for them to show us this void. Having them by our side is an opportunity that we can’t miss in order to educate them and enjoy their smiles.

With a little imagination and creativity, we realize that staying home is a commitment to fun. So put aside what you’re doing, give wings to their dreams, and live those moments with your little ones that will never be erased from their memory.

The 7 ideas to have fun with your children

Children blowing on ping pong balls through cardboard tubes.

Sometimes it’s not easy to create a plan that will serve to distract little ones, especially if they’re a little older and their interests are different. However, we must consider the tastes of each one in order to integrate them into the initiatives that we carry out in this mission.

The philosopher Plato insisted that childhood is the perfect stage to develop the best emotions, through play. “The most effective kind of education is for a child to play among lovely things,” noted the famous Greek. With these inspiring words, we bring you a list of 7 ideas to have fun with your children:

Dust off board games:

Let your kids discover the mental skills and abilities they have with different options like these. In addition, the interaction that these alternatives imply strengthens the bond, communication, and love between parents and their children.


Learning and playing are two factors that go hand in hand with this wonderful idea. It’s perfect for rainy or very cold days in which you shouldn’t leave the house so that they don’t catch a cold. Look for paper, colors, tempera paints, play dough, glue, crayons, markers, and any recycling materials.

Get down on the floor:

Dare to have a good time with them on their level, Make a picture of the family, use their favorite toys, or assemble an interesting puzzle that’s suitable for their age.

A day at the pool, park, or at the beach:

Every child dreams of spending a magical day in these environments. But, don’t let them live this experience without you. Teach them to swim or practice some other activities in the water. If you consider it necessary or they show you that they want a moment to share with other friends, give them space and make them feel your presence.

Dress up or create new looks:

Create stories with imaginary characters, have a short photo session, and save this memory as something unique.

Home theater:

A movie marathon is great for little ones. With popcorn and candy, time will fly by.

Cooking with your mini chefs:

Find easy recipes, buy all the ingredients, and teach them the secrets of the culinary world. Take the opportunity to teach about certain risks in the kitchen and how to manipulate certain objects with precision.

Planning a vacation in advance

A baby pushing pom-poms through a cardboard tube tables to the wall.

Time off from school is one of the moments that kids look forward to the most, so we must be prepared for this occasion. Summer camp is probably a great idea for you to enjoy to the fullest. But, if you want to spend time together, make a list of entertaining family activities as well.

Don’t waste a second to share with the loves of your life

Sometimes, we don’t dare to have fun with our kids because we don’t know how to go about it. Now, with these 7 ideas to have fun with your children, there are no excuses to spend time with the ones you love the most, your children.

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