4 Board Games You Can Make on Your Own

By making your own board games, you can have a lot of fun activities for your whole family to enjoy playing together at home.
4 Board Games You Can Make on Your Own

Last update: 16 November, 2020

Playing board games is an entertaining activity for the whole family to enjoy together. Plus, you can play them any time of year. During the winter, due to the cold and bad weather, you spend a lot of time at home. And, during the summer, some days are too hot and it feels better to stay inside.

For this reason, here you’ll find a fun activity to enjoy year round: board games you can make on your own. These games have two main goals. First, to keep children entertained while they’re preparing the game. And second, once they finish making the game, they get to play with it.

Since there are so many games in the market nowadays, by making them on your own, you can create almost anything you want. However, you’ll have to adapt your creations to the materials you have close at hand.

Board games you can make on your own

1. Dominoes

When we think about classic board games, dominoes is one of the first games that come to our mind. In fact, it’s an educational game recommended for children.

Family playing dominoes.

For the chips, you can use different materials, depending on what you have at home: cardboard, stones, wood or even paper sheets could be useful. Besides the materials you’ll use for the chips, you’ll need a marker to write down the tiny points that will represent the corresponding numbers.

Inventiveness, ability to focus and thinking are things that make this game ideal for the little ones at home.

2. Three in a row

Another classic board game is the one called three in a row. In addition, it’s a very simple game to create at home. Three in a row is composed of two different objects:

  • The board where you have to draw the lines.
  • The chips.

First, you have to take a wooden board, preferably, and paint it using the colors and details you like the most. Second, you have different alternatives for making the chips. You can use bottle lids, stones or even cardboard circles. If you do this, anytime your children want to play three in a row, they won’t have to draw the board in a piece of paper.

3. Bingo

If you make this board game, you’ll have guaranteed fun. To do it, all you need is:

  • Cards with the corresponding numbers.
  • Other numbers that you’ll put inside the “ball.”
  • Chips to mark the cardboards.

First, you can use cardboard to make the cards. You’ll have to cut it in a rectangle shape and draw the numbers. Second, this homemade bingo won’t include a ball where you can put all the numbers and make them roll. You’ll have to do it yourself while you announce the numbers.

Second, you can make the numbers by writing them down on little pieces of paper and then give them a round shape. You can do the same thing using a cardboard.

Bingo chips and cards.

Finally, you can choose any material to make the chips you’ll use to mark the cards. The only thing you’ll have to bear in mind is that they must be the same size as the numbers you drew on the cardboards.

4. Memory game, one of the board games you can make yourself that children enjoy the most

Most kids have played this simple but fun game before. If you make this game, you’ll contribute to:

To make this game, you’ll need several cardboards or sheets of paper, depending on your own choice for the cards. One of the faces of the card must be identical, while the other face must have only two of them alike.

It’s also a perfect game to relate concepts. You can include numbers, animals and food. Then, the children will have to look for the pair alike. This is a very fun way to learn while playing, which is a key aspect in childhood education.

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