6 Children's Books to Welcome the Winter

Discovering the different seasons of the year and their characteristics is easier through children's books. Read on to discover books to welcome the winter!
6 Children's Books to Welcome the Winter

Last update: 21 September, 2020

The four seasons of the year are one of the first concepts children learn in the classroom. However, the characteristics of each season are more difficult to understand. For this reason, we decided to share a selection of children’s books to welcome the winter, as they’ll help children learn a little more about this cold time of year.

6 children’s books to welcome the winter

1. The Winter Book by Rotraut Susanne Berner

A book for children ages three and up. In its pages, the illustrations are the stars, as this book contains no words.

Despite having no text, the illustrations are full of details to allow children to imagine stories and discover new elements each time they want to enjoy the book.

Through its pages, children can discover all the elements related to the winter, as well as other seasons, because the author published a book dedicated to each season of the year.

6 Children's Books to Welcome the Winter

2. Guess How Much I Love You in the Winter by Sam McBratney

The book Guess How Much I Love You is a classic in children’s literature. This fantastic story is set in the coldest season of the year; its main characters are two hares, mother and son; and the main theme is the love between them. The famous game, I Spy, and the snow are the highlights of this beautiful story between mother and child.

3. Frederick by Leo Lionni

Children love stories starring animals. For this reason, Frederick will become one of their favorite children’s books. It’s no wonder, because the story is totally endearing and beautiful.

Recommended for children ages three and up, in its pages they’ll discover Frederick’s hard work to help his family gather everything they need to survive the winter, but in a different way… Frederick doesn’t collect food. Instead, he collects sunshine, beautiful words, and colors to fill the souls of nice things during the cold days.

A story full of sensitivity that will help instill many values in children: respect for the family due to Frederick’s way of working, the importance of it, and the value of words and the little things.

More children’s books to welcome the winter

4. Winter Afternoon by Jorge Luján

A children’s book to welcome the winter that’s totally different from the others. Striking and different illustrations fill its pages, along with a story that conveys feelings in each word.

Throughout its pages, readers will see a small girl behind the glass of a fogged window. Like most children do, the protagonist begins to draw on the fogged window with her finger, using only her imagination, looking forward to something she really needs: a hug from her mother.

This book is recommended for children over four or five. It’s full of values, sensitivity, and feelings. It also shows the importance of classic games.

6 Children's Books to Welcome the Winter

5. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

One of the most magical days of a child’s life is when they see snow for the first time. Enjoying the feeling of watching the snowflakes falling through the window, as well as playing with it for the first time, are some of the greatest experiences for children.

And that’s precisely what this book, recommended for children three and up, wants to tell: the snowy day that Peter, the story’s main character, enjoys when he discovers that it snowed in his city. In this regard, snow is one of the most characteristic elements of winter, meaning children will also learn to enjoy it alongside Peter.

6. Tania Val de Lumbre by Maria Parr, a fun children’s book fun to welcome the winter

This fantastic illustrated album, recommended for children six and up, will show you the wonders of a snowy valley through the eyes of its main character, Tania Val de Lumbre.

Val de Lumbre is Tania’s last name, but also the name of the small and snowy valley where she lives. Through the pages of the book, you’ll discover two of Tania’s hobbies: sledding in the tallest mountain in the valley and enjoying the friendship of her 74-year-old friend.

A fun story that will transport children to Val de Lumbre. In addition, they’ll discover Tania’s strong personality, along with her fun stories.


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